Age: 64
Hometown: Recica ob Savinji
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Number of Visits: 11743
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Interests and Personality

BiographyI was born the 12th of January in 1955 in Slovenia.After elementary school I decided to visit high school for sellers in Celje, I finished it succesffully when I was 21 years old.Then I got employed in a store company.After 20 years of working in a different companies I decided to quit and try to do something what I like the most. I started to paint oil paintings, because painting was a part of me during my childhood and real desire from the very beginning. The fact is that I also had a relative who was a very known academic painter in Slovenia and abroad, his name was Fran Tratnik.Nature and the animals are still an inspiration for my paintings. At the begining I had a help in academic painter, who showed me basic rules of the painting, especially in colors and moves. But then I developed my own style and I still keep trying to do something new, better. I paint with oil paints on a canvas by using a brush and other tools.
MusicGood old music.
FilmsAll kind of.
BooksNo special.
HeroesOld impressionistic painters.

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