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(( How are you today? I hope you are fine. My name is Miss Rose Desmond. I am single looking for honest and nice person. Somebody who i can make friend with. today i saw your profile at and became interested in you. I don't care about your color, ethnicity, Status or Sex. Upon your reply to this mail I will tell you more about myself and send you more of my picture. I'm sending you this beautiful mail, with a wish for much happiness.this is my email ( I am looking forward to hear from you.please contact me directly to my box i have more to tell u there.. Warm regards, Miss Rose.


Hi, I love your pencil works especially the giraffs and manatees! Blumoon


Great technique, love your pencil work. Margaret, Artist at Work,

Duffyart ( Deleted user )



clever you with the slope of giraffe's neck!


Hello and welcom ! You have wonderful art work-- I love it !! Yoram

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

I was just about to post a message to you when I saw you posted one to me. You're welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I see that you have added a few more pieces. I tiger is my favorite. Great job ArtGautreaux. ~Marianne


perfect drawings.....

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Let us know when you finished the project you're working on. Rather than posting your responses to your board, reply to other artists boards. That way we will know when you respond. I just happened to see your message because I saw you were online and I wanted to see if you added any new works. Good luck with the project and have fun. ~Mare


Hello Robbie and to you all on MyArt, hope you have all been well. I have been away for a while, been busy with varied things. It is still my intention to upload more works that I have done, I am currently in the process of begining a new project and I am looking forward to completing it and showing you folks out there! Thanks so far for all your comments and views of my work, be seeing ya' soon around MyArt, all the best unil later... Regards, (ArtGautreaux)


Hello and welcome. I'm eager to view more of your work. Best regards, Robbie.


Hello Andrey, I would very much like to see examples of your work and am looking forward to more corresodance with more enthusiastic indivduals like yourself. I have many more works to upload onto my pageplus many more projects to take up that I have in mind to accomplish soon.. I am liking the positive feed back i'm recieving from you guys and am looking forward to more and chatting back to you too. So be seeing ya'll soon o.k. Best Regards, (ArtGautreaux)


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey




Welcome to MAP looking forward to viewing your work when you load it.


Hi, don't forget to email your friends about your new My Art Profile URL! Send them a link to your new page


Hi, welcome to this website. Everyone is helpful and friendly. Message me when you have some images uploaded. Visit my site when you get a chance.


Hello and welcome, I'll back to visit your site when you upload some of your works, please messsage me on my board, best wishes - ranjan