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Age: 30
Hometown: milton keynes
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Education Post grad
Children Someday

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BiographyHey Hey im nicholas im 18 years of age,Born and Rised in North West London n moved to milton keynes like 6 yrs ago now a calm and deep thinker when it comes to art atleast just laid back, im currently doing National Diploma Art&Design at bletchely college next year im in my second year im not the oldest and don't feel like it eitheir ...but it is funny set-up of people in my class...thats me in a Nutshell..dudes n dudettes take alook at my art i would appreicate the comment...peace
Interestsmusic art art forms art studies cooking chilling and hanging out looking at the sky for inspiration
MusicHip-Hop R'n'B and Soul Rock (alternate and new Rock) Gospel and Garage Drum'n'Bass
FilmsHollow Shooter Dejavu Man On Fire One Piece :Dead End
TelevisionOne on One Top gear Uk Dicovery ready steady cook My wife n Kids Family guy South Park
BooksPrey of the legendary The Masters of Art magazine on art n music
Heroesi look up to those who pray... i look up to those who achieve.. i look up to those who dare to love ... i look up to those who live for the moment...

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jh ( Deleted user )

Thanks ArtyBoiTechnique, like your artwork.


Yeah hey guys sorry i haven't uploaded in ages i guess its because of all the work of been given recently it's not really been easy to either i think might start taking those art jobs to get my work started really anyway be excepting alot of working showing up on my page and if any1 knows a way to change the background colour on our profile page that be great peace out nicholas


Cool work!My favorited is"Me vs.Me Collage".That piece is tight business.Check out my work & let me know what you think.

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Yes it does help Nicholas. I really appreciate you taking the time to critique my work and to offer your suggestions. I think I will try gouache paint. When I paint with both acrylic and oil, I always paint with the acrylic underneath as the underpainting. If you are mixing oil and water based material it may look cool at first but will not last. However, I guess you could use the technique than make a print and leave it at that or add to it. Thanks again Nicholas. ~Mare

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi! Listen, I have about 6 months to prepare for my first solo show, and I was hoping you could assist me. I will need to have at least 30 paintings to display. If you could, with as much honesty as possible, please name 2 of my completed pieces that you feel I should definitely show. Also, please share 3 things with me, based on my current work, (remember be honest), that you would recommend to me for improving my art in general. I am fine if you post this on my public board because it may be interesting to others. The feedback from other artist on this website is very valuable to me. Thanks! ~Marianne


Yeah, you right! Today I grooved on your abstract flower. Glad you ain't gonna stop no way, boyoyo!


'don't stop push your limits can't go nomore thats when'... you DO NOT STOP but push your limits till the 12th of never! I love your orangeleaves and you might like my 'Odin's Bowl'. Ta, smae

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Nicholas, Thanks for commenting on "Anna". I did not use gouache paint. But it's funny that you mentioned that because I was just looking "gouache" up the other day. I have seen reference to it but never really knew what it was. I'll have to try it to see what it is all about. I had intended to paint "Anna" so that it looked sepia toned. I began by painting a red underpainting, thinking that would be a nice base color. Then as I was painting I started to like the look of the red, so I just kept going. Perfect example of how a painting often paints itself. Thanks for stopping by. ~Mare

stylllyfe ( Deleted user )

Keep 'em commin


Lovely lovely work of art, I really like your work, best wishes - ranjan


nice painting and drawing

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Nicholas, good job with the images. I like your elements piece. Keep creating and update your site as you complete more work.




keep up the good work!


My favorite of yours is "Fierce Resolve". That piece starts defining a mood or attitude of the creator, good work. The piece is starting to define you as a person which can translate into your own personal style. Have a nice weekend.


Thanks arty, keep up your great work. Regards, leon


Great depiction of oneself in elements. regards, aarts


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