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Age: 56
Hometown: va., u.s.a
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pier down

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Thanx a lot


Good Work.


B2 Already the figurative works were great and now you're mastering abstraction in your new works! I like the energy. Peace


Really lovely paintings. I particularly love the lighting and depth of Pondering Thoughts. Very beautiful.


Hi B2 I must say that the light and colours in your “old” and “new stuff” really appeal to me, me being a landscape lover. Let me me know when you put up some more “stuff”. Thanks for your friendship and words of encouragement. Peace

Melcha ( Deleted user )

Hi! Nice to meet you! Nice art and thanx for your comment about my works! :)


excellent artwork B2


Hi thanks for your comment, you have a cool style and love your use of colours in your work !


Thank you for your kind words:-) Best wishes Kris

Cita ( Deleted user )

I just don't know what to say... It's amazing! Keep on doing it, please! I would like to see more works! Best regards.

jh ( Deleted user )

Thank you B2, like your work, regards.


Thanks for the warm welcome B2. I do love this site so far, and can't wait to share and learn from all of U guys. Don't B a stranger.


new stuff old stuff ,soft stuff ,bold stuff good stuff eh! nice art to. so i saw your name B 2 that was my Home Forum in high school BAY house 2, bay 2, B 2 have a great life see ya soon feel free to visit The Swirl Gallery at siwrls . thanks eh! swirl


Thank you! I am happy to hear that you liked my works!


Happy New Year! Your work is just marvellous. I love Pier Time. It is such a piece coming from this art, worth to have it on the main wall!