BackPorchArt Tell me when you painted a mile of art.

Age: 69
Hometown: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

Number of Visits: 40362
Niagra Falls Canada

Background and Lifestyle

Smoker No
Drinker Yes
Education Post grad
Children Proud parent

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BiographyWilliam Boyer started painting as a child winning a newspaper art contest at the age of seven. His acrylic paintings reflect scenes from around his home in Michigan and the Smoky Mountains with its beautiful streams and rivers. You will see paintings from other vacations in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Florida and the tropics. ______________________________________________________________ William's Paintings can be found in Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and The USA.
InterestsTravel and shooting digital photos by the Gig.
MusicMP3's Rock, Country Rock, British Rock, British Invation, Motown, Detroit Rock.
HeroesPBS TV art shows.


On Going display of art by William Boyer at the Empirium Gallery at the Summit Place Mall in Waterford, Michigan. Over 150 acrylic paintings on canvas and masonite are displayed. For a short time I have 30 paintings stored in my garage. Every morning and evening the door goes up for two minutes. What a Show.

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Hello sir,Hope u r fine. I have uploaded my old and few recent work..If have time then visit my profile and check 'New Uploaded' & 'Recent' Folders. Thank you. - Silent Warrior


Amazing paintings and photos! Beautiful...


Hello sir,I liked your paintings very much,specially finger paintings.Landscape paintings are really beautiful.Painting are very colourful and live.It would be pleasure to having Comments from you sir.Thank you. - Silent Warrior


Hello to all of my Creative Online Friends, I am asking for a favor.....I have recently had one of my images selected into the first round of the top 60 images in the Lord and Taylor Rose Contest. After being selected then the public has to vote. I was wondering if you would cast a vote for me????? Please!!! If so go to look under events, and you will see rose contest there is only one listing with the name Deborah(Photography) THAT ONE IS MINE! Pleae vote, make sure you get to the page confirm your vote for your vote to count. Thank you all in advance! Please vote!!!! Hugs, Deborah


Hallo BackPorch, Thanks,I’m glad you like my painting. Yes, and I have seen your paintings, I like it yours full colours painting.

stained_glass ( Deleted user )

Great work!!!


Thanks for the welcome!

sandie ( Deleted user )

Hi William.Love your work.Too many favourites to mention,some very atmospheric stuff here.Happy painting for 2008.Sandie


Hey Backporch Hope all is well with you, I've added some new images let me know what you think. Nevet

Seaborn ( Deleted user )

Hi my new friend, you have wonderful art to share with us! I thank you for that! I also thank you for asking me to add you to my buddy's list! Thank you for the effort to hit the "add to your friends button"! Although, I'm really honored to be on your list, I must say that if you have nothing to say to my art in what way ever, I will remove you from my list. Obviously we don't have the same goals on this site. I'm here to learn from your critiques, not to give you a higher rank in the top hundred. Love to you! **Joyce**


Happy Valentine`s Day to you!Alla


I love this work,.....especialy the finger painting!!!


Beautiful work. You must live in a pretty spectacular area.


if you count strokes on car windows, silos ,showroom windows ,tractor trailers, menu boards,...advertising .not computerized ,stroke +stroke xmany many many others /sign art you decide ..23 years of stroking the ole quills + flats mmm maybe a mile ? i will try the math please stay tuned thanks eh! swirl im sure you have done a mile or 2 thanks again eh! swirl


I love your painting Huron river!


Hey Willaim..Like your work a lot. I think I've painted a mile of art but I threw away 3/4 of a mile...(-...don


have a great 2008 sjc


hi William managed more onto profile , please check it out1 more will follow just hackn and fast tracking .. i aim to please thanks. you do wonderful work you must know group of 7.


thanks for dropping by hope to give you all more in the nere future


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let all your dreams come true in 2008!

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