Cef Sa aking gunita hahantong ang lahat.

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BiographyThe artist is one of humble beginnings from the green fields and copper sunsets of Bulacan who proclaims that painting has always been his passion. This passion burning from within has allowed him to generate works of art as striking as his colorful surroundings and as vibrant as his multi-faceted life. At present, he works for a top multi-media company based in Makati.I think one can be creative and still be real.” He cites the great Malang as an early influence in his art work.
Interestschat read watching films
Musicpop classic alternative
Filmsa lot
TelevisionBrothers and Sisters, Supernatural
BooksBombeck E. Christie A.,
HeroesMy dog Sandra

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Lime ( Deleted user )

Welcome to ART Paradise Cef.


A pleasure to find your page. Regards, Bud C


HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your dreams come true in 2008!


I love your abstract work. Really cool. Margaret, Artist at Work, http://artist-at-work.co.uk


Susuie, one of the friends listed at your site, is ill. A get well letter would do her heart good and cheer her up a bit. We live in a world that does not apriciate art. We must care for eachother. L John TOX


Last Word Syndrome is an excellent work , just love it ! Regards, Brischit


very nice works


i feeling some nice since here .best wishes to u and go up.. mutaz

Phillipe_Doan ( Deleted user )

Greetings carnal.


Cool work-greetings Anita !!!


Your art is beautiful.


Thanks for the invite. Nice Abstracts!!!


Hi Cef welcome I like all of the brilliant color you bring to your its beautiful, and rememberable

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Thanks for checking out my site Cef. I enjoy your "Seven Spirits of Fortune" as well as "Maya". Have a good day!


hola cef! i love wilderness, the colors, the composition, very magic. i really like your work, i want to see more!

theo ( Deleted user )

beautiful abstract work Cef...welcome to map,theo


I like " MInd nerves" and I certainly like your quote...Anybody who has a sense of humour and who's hero is his dog is a friend of mine! :0)


keep up the good work