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Age: 37
Hometown: Ljubljana / Tokyo
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BiographyBorn in 1981 in family of architects ..followed my own instincts and went studying Japanese & Philosophy... Playing music as a Dj since i was 16, played in clubs and festivals all over Europe, India and Japan.. Somewhere in the mid 20s got into photography,which lately became my biggest love besides music.
FilmsImmortel, Paris Texas, Blade Runner, El Aura, Raise The Red Lantern, Stratosphere Girl, Vibrator, Mulholland Drive, Hotaru, Baraka, Shiki Jitsu aka Ritual, Suzhou River, Shara, 2046, Immortaly Beloved, Dreams, After the Rain, Samurai Rebbelion , Oldboy, Red Beard, Woman of Dunes, EUREKA, SanshoTheBaliff, A gentle breeze in the Village Into the Wild Friend (Korea,2001)
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'Hover over Somewhere' I like the most.

cynthiababy How is your day....... I saw your profile at and some thing about you move my intress to comminicate with you so how is life treating you. Please i want you to use this email address to write me back( so that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me ok.stay cool and enjoy your self.kisesssssssssss Yours lovely Cynthia


Hi Cwithe. Amazing work! Keep it up

Lime ( Deleted user )

Welcome Cwithe to ART Paradise/Lime


Nice photos! Pavlos


Yes, brushes are wet albeit with house paint being applied to house. That 'work' nearing completion while canvas twitters at me. Hope you are shutter clicking away. Glad you are here.


Yes, the hard work. It is an arduously fabulous path. I couldn't think of a better one. Keep up the good.


Hi Cwithe, enjoyed viewing your photos :)surekha




Welcome to the site. Nice work. Love your avatar. Stop by my site when you have a chance. Deborah


Hi, don't forget to email your friends about your new My Art Profile URL! Send them a link to your new page

creative appear to be very talented. Please show us more!


Great works welcome to the site, Mike

jh ( Deleted user )

Welcome Cwithe, great photography, will come again.


Nice start. Welcome. Come visit my site and let me know when you post more. TOX


Welcome. Nice work to live what you love! And nice snaps too.


Hello. Welcome to the site. Love your photo - really makes me think. Love to see more. Margaret, Artist at Work,


Hello Cwithe. Welcome !! Best wishes !! Yoram

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Welcome to My Art Profile Cwithe, I hope you enjoy sharing your work with everyone here. Have fun and let me know when you have finished posting your work. ~Marianne