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Age: 54
Hometown: Rochester
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BiographyHave studied art since I was 2 years old. Associates Degree In Fine Arts from The Rochester Institute Of Technology; Bachelors of Fine Arts From Nazareth College Of Rochester. Studied art in Europe and Studied with famed artist John Piesley.
InterestsPainting, Photography, Geology, Astronomy, History, Archeology, Parapsychology, Meteorology
Music60's Psychedelic Garage Rock, Folk, Celtic, Late 60's and Early 70's Heavy Acid Rock
FilmsThe Trip, Psych Out, Jeremiah Johnson,Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, Help!
TelevisionScandenavian Cooking With Claus Mey, Ghost Hunters, Storm Chasers, Chef Jamie Oliver Cooking Shows
BooksZechariah Sitchin, Seth Books by Jane Roberts,
HeroesAlbrecht Durer, Edward Hopper, Norman Rockwell, Daniel Garber, Caspar David Friedrich,Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Bleumner, George Tooker


Current and Previous Exhibitions: Painting “The Magnetics of Rain” painted specifically for and presented, to Nobel Laureate Sir Harold W. Kroto and his lecture series presenting his philosophy of science and art, at The Artisan Works Gallery in Rochester, NY - October 29, 2008 Created landscape painting of scene from Hornell, N.Y., his home city, for actor Bill Pullman to present to him at his award ceremony at The Rochester International Film Festival honoring him for his acting career – Rochester, N.Y. - April 2008 3 paintings, “Drive Thru Dry Cleaner”, “Peace Bridge” and “Rural Zodiac” selected for inaugural faculty/alumni exhibition for new Nazareth College of Rochester Art Galley Rochester, N.Y. March 2008 Painting, “Drive Thru Dry Cleaner”, selected for the Salon de Refuses Biennial in Rochester, N.Y. - 2007 Painting, “Monument To Filo T. Farnsworth” selected for the Salon de Refuses Biennial in Rochester, N.Y. - 2005 2004 Nazareth College Of Rochester Faculty and Alumni Exhibition - High Falls Art Gallery - Rochester, N.Y. - 2004 Painting, “Doomsday Drives A Train”, selected for the “Everson Biennial 2004” at the Everson Museum Of Art - Syracuse, N.Y. - 2004 Member of The Mill Gallery in Honeoye Falls, N.Y. 2004-2005 Painting, “Edge Of Night”, selected for the first Salon de Refuses Biennial in Rochester, N.Y. - 2003 Painting, “Evening On Monroe Avenue (“The Guy From Mercury Posters“), selected for publication in the book “Scenes Of Monroe And Ontario Counties : Past and Present” and the accompanying exhibit at The Mill Gallery – Honeoye Falls, N.Y. - 2003 2001 Finger Lakes Biennial Exhibition – “The Guy From Mercury Posters” – Memorial Art Gallery - Rochester, N.Y. - 2001 1 Etching and 1 lithograph accepted for the Printmaking 2000 Exhibition at the High Falls Art Gallery - Rochester, N.Y. - 2000 2 prints selected for Print Club of Rochester Exhibit – Memorial Art Gallery - Rochester, N.Y. – 1999

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Wonderful paintimgs!


Hi back at ya...love your work especially the non quadratic element ...stay creative looking forward to seeing more of your work


i love the way you use your colours.. i can't decide which is my favourite!


good works!!


Welcome here D Thomas , I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work ....keep up the good work !!


Hello. Welcome to MyArtProfile. Super stuff. Margaret, artist-at-work.co.uk


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Welcome D_Thomas_Brennessel, great realism, well done.


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