Donkey4950 Spray fast or die trying

Age: 27
Hometown: London
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Marital Status Single
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Education In college
Children Someday

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BiographyHi my names Charlotte but my m8's call me Charley or Chaz. Im 16 i go to East Surrey College it's ok im going to art school in september and im rely looking 4ward 2 it. I have a big family i have 3 sisters 1 brother and a twin bro called matt he's kwl. I love my family 2 bits they meen d world 2 me. Im onlii 16 but i've probably experienced more in my life than a adult has. Most off my life i've had alot of problems but i believe everything happens for a reason. I used to hate my secondry school i got thretend in year 7 and it messed me up. I got bullied for about 3 years i started getting in trouble i guess i started being naughty because i was mad and i had no one to turn to. I had people to talk to but i felt like i could'nt tell anyone because i would get beaten up. So i started self harming in year 8 it's stuck with me for 5 yrs.
InterestsI love playing guitar. Writing Storys Drawing/Graffing Partying Spending time with my fam n friends.
MusicIm into hip hop n R'n'b n some ova stuff but mainly dat. My legends are Bob marley, Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton.
FilmsI love comedy films i can't watch boring soppy films there has to b some action or comedy init. I love american Pie,40yr old virgin.
TelevisionIf u no me den u will all no i am mad on Casualty. I also love eastenders,Skins,2 Pints of lager and a packet of crisps.
BooksI don't read books unless i a've 2 i find dem rely boring.
HeroesKFC Man hehehe!!!! R.E.S.P.E.C.T Him.

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I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Well, I wish you the best with Florida and Disney. We have friends that live near Disney and they sit by their pool every night and watch the fireworks.


hey wicked woek you remind me of me when i was your age, i painted everything, keep it up!!! nets x


thanks for the kool comment x


You are going places Donkey4950---Keep up the nice work, I really like the bedroom and guitar.--- Irene


you have the FORMULA .now is the time to work it ! thanks eh! Swirl. feel free to visit the Swirl Gallery .thanks eh! Swirl


Nice work Chaz, :)surekha


Hey Charley, i started out as a graff artist mainly spraying in the south east of Kent, keep it up gal but dont get caught lol Mike


Hi, don't forget to email your friends about your new My Art Profile URL! Send them a link to your new page

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Thanks for checking out my site Charley. So, what area will your family be moving to? I think you'll find that living in America probably isn't much different than where you are now. Maybe not as much rain, but even that depends on where you move to. I live in Florida at the moment. It is 84F out right now at 7pm. In June we'll start having daily thunder showers, but it always clears up pretty quickly. However, we'll be moving to Maryland soon and the weather there will be much different, it is 56F there right now. Well, I hope you enjoy the site. ~Marianne

jh ( Deleted user )

Hi Donkey4950, welcome, nice work, keep it up, thanks for the add.

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Welcome to the site Charley. Nice work! ~Marianne


Hiya, welcome to the site. Do you do outdoor tagging too? Cool stuff. Margaret, Artist at Work,


Hi Donkey4950, Can I help? This is a Free Forum for people like us to communicate about our passion of Art in whatever form. We are free to promote our own websites & commissions to Art lovers around the world. This website does all the advertising so we don't have to. In addition the more contacts you make in the industry the more popular we become as Artists in turn more people will show an interest in our Public Exhibitions. Keep in touch with everyone! X