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Age: 55
Hometown: Naxxar/ Malta
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Marital Status Married
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Education Grad / professional school
Children Proud parent

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BiographyAs a professional graphic designer and artist, Doranne Alden's preferred painting medium is watercolour. She enjoys working on various subjects and is mostly inspired by the colour of the composition rather than the subject matter itself. She was born in 1963 on the island of Malta and moved to Germany in 1996 and lived there for almost 7 years. She studied Art for a number of years at the Polytechnic School in Malta and also took various short courses in Graphic Design and Interior Design. Her work experience spans several years with various advertising agencies and eventually, before moving overseas, she ran her own advertising company. During the years spent in Germany, she held drawing and watercolour classes for adults. In 2006 Dora, won first prize in the Watercolour Section in a competition organised by the Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, in Malta. As a graphic designer Dora has published photographic calendars, posters and postcards on Malta.
InterestsTravel, Art and Culture, Gardening,Travel,Cooking..... living. My other sites... http://
MusicNick Harper, Adrian Legg, Phil Collins and Genesis, Eagles, Al di Miola, Paco de Lucia, James Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel anything that I can paint along to and inspires my soul.
FilmsPan's Labyrinth is one of my favourites. The script was especially well written even though I read it in subtitles as the film is in Spanish. Kingdom of Heaven, Stardust, August Rush, Ladies in Lavender.
TelevisionNot much unless there's something interesting about design etc.
BooksArt, Art History, Architecture, you name it.
HeroesAnyone who can be true to God, and to their commitments in Life. My inspiration comes from the Impressionists, especially Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida


Translated article which appeared in the Weilheim Tablett - Bavaria, by well known art critic Thomas Wellens. MALTESE ARTIST EXHIBITS WATERCOLOURS IN BAVARIA. Maltese artist Doranne Alden, currently residing in Bavaria, recently held a solo exhibition of her works in the Bavarian town of Wessobrunn. Critic Thomas Wellens had this to say: ` The artist, Doranne Alden, a graphic designer living in Germany for some time now, delights in painting still-life pictures which are rich in vibrant colours. She was born in Malta and certainly her native island, so flooded with light and glowing sunshine, has influenced the intense hues and style of her watercolours. The variety of fruit and flowers enhances their attractive man-made containers of different shapes and textures (vases, baskets, bowls, etc.) and results in a well-balanced, beautiful composition. .... Although she works mainly with watercolour Mrs. Alden usually avoids the soft flowing lines of the wet-in-wet technique and applies the medium on a white, dry background. The artist avoids too much detail by allowing the free-flowing colours to shape the vessel, flower or fruit and attain the intended result. Contrasts are ultimately the secret to these paintings which seem to be so full of life and light: red tulips in a blue vessel, all these entice the eye. Natural without being too realistic, this exhibition reveals the grandiose richness of a lush, ever sumptuous world. ` The Ammersee Kurier referred to the pictures as `little jewels of art`. This translated article also appeared in the `The Times of Malta` in 1997. The following article was translated into English and taken from the Starnberger Merkur, 4thMarch, 1998. Joint Exhibition with Heike Hornsmann BRIGHT COLOURS SET AGAINST CLEAR FORMS Two artists - Doranne Alden and Heike Hornsmann exhibit at the Town hall in Tutzing. A wealth of colours for the Tutzing Town hall - Colourful, shimmering landscapes expand next to earthy-orange, quiet fields, gentle house corners and effective still lives. ......Doranne Alden sets down calculated plains and drawings.... and the mixture of colour and form are the very strength of Doranne Alden. The Maltese Artist, who lives in Tutzing, shows her background as a graphic artist. Still lives that appear unexciting at first deserve a second glance and convince through their balanced composition, clear plains, compact volume as well as their highlights. Especially striking is the system of light effects achieved by leaving blank spaces when painting flowers in the painting entitled `detail of flower stall`, a structured sparkle of colour. Whereas Heike Hornsmann is taken by grand landscapes, Doranne Alden is fascinated by details, also as a photographer. Quiet corners of Malta drawn in fine lines. Several coastal views and fields are composed of stronger deeper colours - but always in a quiet and smooth structure. Winter scenes of Tutzing, realistic, finely detailed as well as more traditional watercolours establish the connection back to Heike Hornsmann’s works and the passion for our close surroundings.` E X H I B I T I O N S 1990 Malta International Trade Fair Exhibition 1991 Women`s Collective Art Exhibition - Malta Chamber of Commerce 1991 Photographic Exhibiton (collective) held at Ta`Cenc Hotel Gozo 1994 Art Exhibition in Victoria, Gozo 1994 Art Exhibition - National Heritage Association (Din L`Art Helwa)- Malta 1995 Cathedral Museum Art Exhibition - Mdina - Malta 1995 Local Council Exhibition - Swieqi - Malta 1996 Art Exhibition - National Heritage Association (Din L`Art Helwa) - Malta 1996 Collective Society of Art and Manufacture Annual Art Exhibition - Malta 1996 Collective Exhibition at Murnau Townhall - Germany 1997 First Solo Exhibition at `Gasthof Zur Post` in Wessoburn - Germany 1998 Joint Exhibition at Townhall in Tutzing - Germany 1999 Agenda 21 - Collective Exhibition at townhall in Tutzing - Germany 1999 Starnberger Townhall Collective Exhibition - Germany 2000 Society of Art and Manufacture Malta 2001 Starnberger Townhall Collective - Germany 2001 Second Solo - Golden Tulip - Art Hotel, Vienna - Austria 2001 Silver Palette - Malta 2001 International Trade Fair - Malta 2001 Heidelberg Scholosswienstube Collective of Maltese Artists - Germany 2001 Collective Art Exhibition of Maltese Artists, Adelaide - Australia 2002 Salesians Collecitive Exhibition - Marsa - Malta 2005 The Mystery of Easter - Salesian Brothers Sliema - Malta 2005 VeeGeeBee Summer Exhibition 2005 VeeGeeBee Christmas Exhibition 2006 Silver Palette Competition - Valletta - Malta 2006 VeeGeeBee Summer Exhibition 2006 34U June Exhibition 2006 International Trade Fair - Collective Exhibition - Malta 2006 34U Exhibition - Sliema Malta 2006 34U Heritage Malta Valletta 2006 Rotta Ta'l-Arti Mdina Malta 2007 6th National Arts Competition and Exhibition - Naxxar Malta 2007 September Art Route Exhibition (Rotta Ta'l-Arti)- Mdina 2008 28th February to mid March - New Faces Collective 2008 - at Gallery G in Lija - Malta 2008 Joint Exhibition - With my father 5th September at Gallery G 2008 1st December - Solo Exhibition in Freyung - Passau Germany. 2008 Dec Collective at Gallery G 2009 March/April Solo - GLIMPSES at German Circle - Malta UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS: 2009 May - 18th June - Joint Exhibition - With Albert J. Caruana @ Le Meridien Hotel & Spa - St. Julian's Malta

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and the most beautiful sentiments. Alla


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i enjoyed studing your art,every one on here is my art teacher,they just don't know it,i joined to learn,learn,learn,have a great day,,god bless herb


Hi Dora.Fantastic works and colours. Tell me is Jenny a Turkish Van Cat? I have a 21 year old Tortoiseshell.


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thankyou for comments you have given i have new work up now.


COLLECTIONS - is the title of my next exhibition - A Joint event with my father Albert J Caruana also a watercolourist - my mentor and inspiration - opening on the 29th May 2009 @ Le Meridien Hotel & Spa - St. Julian's Malta

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