Erica "To create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage." Georgia O'Keefe

Age: 52
Hometown: Volos
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Marital Status Married
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Education Grad / professional school

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BiographyErica was born in Athens, Greece in 1967 and grew up in St.Louis,Mo, U.S. In 1990 she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in St.Louis. She went on to receive her Master Printer Degree from the Tamarind Institute in New Mexico. In 1992 she moved Greece permanently and since 1999 has been teaching Drawing at the University of Thessaly in Volos in the Department of Architecture as well as Non-Toxic Printmaking. Her solo exhibitions include painting and printmaking techniques. While her group shows also include multimedia constructions and recycled lithographs.


Solo Exhibition 1995 Baraki sto Rema Cafe Gallery, Milies - Greece. 1997 Baraki sto Rema Cafe Gallery, Milies - Greece. 1999 Enotio Gallery, Volos - Greece. 2002 “Aspects of Color”, Metaksourgio Nea Ionia, Volos - Greece 2003 “Water stories”, Kousias Gallery, Athens - Greece. 2005 Prisma Gallery, Livadia, Greece 2006 “Remembrances of taste”, Zygos Gallery, Athens, Greece. 2006 “15 Years in Greece: a Retrospective”, Giorgio DeCirico Art Center, Volos, Greece “Conversing with a Byzantine”, Philomuses Gallery, Paris, France Select Group Exhibition 1989 Drawing and printmaking, Bixby Gallery, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A. 1990 Drawing, Bixby Gallery, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A. 1995 “Cheap Art”, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens – Greece. 1998 “Cheap Art” Milos Gallery, Thessaloniki – Greece. 1998 “5th Printmaking Biennale of Belgrade”, Belgrade – Yugoslavia. 1998 “Cheap Art”, Epikentro Gallery, Athens – Greece. 1999 “One Year Later”, 5th Printmaking Biennale of Belgrade, Municipal Printmaking Center, Neapolis – Thessaloniki, Greece. 1999 Milies Cultural Center, Milies – Greece. 2000 “Two Years Later”, 5th Printmaking Biennale of Belgrade, Athens Art Center, Athens – Greece. 2000 “Printmaking 1997 – 2000”, Neapolis Printmaking Center, Neapolis – Thessaloniki – Greece. 2001 “Cheap Art”, Levall Gallery, Novosibirsk – Siberia. 2001 “Artists from Volos from the last centaury – Part D 1960 – Present”, Giorgio De Cirico Arts Center, Volos – Greece. 2001 “Prints works collection” from the Printmaking workshop Hilios, Gallery Techni, Kilkis – Greece. 2002 “4th Annual Lithographic Symposium”, Tadacholm – Sweden. 2002 “Cheap Art”, Milos Gallery, Thessaloniki – Greece. 2002 “Engraving 2002 in SE Europe”, Warehouse B – Port of Thessaloniki. 2002 “1st Triennale of Balkan Ex-Libris”, Belgrade – Serbia. 2004 “Third International Lessedra Miniprint Annual 2004”, Sofia – Bulgaria. 2005 “Fourth International Lessedra Miniprint Annual 2005”, Sofia – Bulgaria. 2005 “2001 – 2005 : New Collection”, Hilios Printmaking Workshop, Thessalonki, Greece 2006 “Private Collection: Giorgio De Cirico Art Center”, Volos, Greece

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GeertWinkel ( Deleted user )

Prachtige gallery,ik heb er van genoten,kom zeker terug om weer eens te kijken. Groetjes Geert Winkel

cbolsch ( Deleted user )

Wonderful gallery! Love your "Rememberances of Taste" series, very nice style.


I love the strong images and colours of "Remberance of Taste", "Conversing with a Byzantine" has a wonderful Byzantium feel, and love your complete change of style with Stories of Water.


i like your remembrance of taste gallery very much. I will be coming back to see what you are working on :) I Like it a lot.


Welcome to the site. nice works.


Erica- I love the primitive beauty and the variety of perspective in your work. Wyatt


good work! :))


wonderful portfolio Erica

Lime ( Deleted user )

Beauty Your Work Erica.

Kirbo ( Deleted user )

Hi! Very, very interesting things! P Bravo!


Hi Erica! Good works. The colors and technic are beautiful in all of them. The themes are impressive and the way that you treat each one is really fantastic. Congratulations. Jccarraz.


your Pilion is great!I was there too.Beautiful iland.My Greece litle street on my website is Lefkada.bye bye...


Hoi Erica,I also was in Athene,where you was born.Iam born in Leiden,in Nederland.Thanks for your message ,you are a very good painter.


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


Enjoyed seeing your works. Keep it up. Meena


Hi Erica,thanks for your comments, I am glad that you like my Icons.I have learned technique during my art study as part of painterly techniques.Also, friend of mine , she is a nun, showed me a lot, especially the method they are practicing in her monastery.I fill there is lot more to learn,and practice itself is learning curve.I am planing to hopefully organize exhibition of Icons at one point, and I am planing to produce much larger serial.I feel that iconography is influencing my art work, and I like everything about it, from counter perspective, to light, , drawing, under paint layering to preying which I like the most.


Erica good morning!!!Are you on facebook???I was wondering if you were .I have a group there for artist to get to know each other and it is fun in case you want to join or see.Take care ,Nelly.


Hello Erica, Thank you for your comments (a lot to live up to!) Someday I will be masterful, I trust. I am busy now with a delicious Spring in my courtyard and will get back to the blank canvas twittering at me once the weather gets too damn hot. I had visits from mentors recently, who gave me honest and useful critiques. I look forward to how this information will manifest. I may start at the beginning again with a color wheel. I really like your work and learn much from it as well. You have a tremendous sense of perspective and your tablescapes are delightful! Plenty in the Lily family, garlic and onions! Beautiful.


hello!!!thanks for the comment .I like Paul gaughin and Monet,but the colors of Picasso abstract make me smile.I love primitive art. I get inspired by my culture too!!.As a puertorican artist I add to all my paintings a little bit of criolle style :)Music it is in my heart and soul.I got Taino blood .I love to paint women faces .To me painting a woman face it is the closes I can get to the inner beauty of the female.You are so beautiful!!!I see hapinness in your eyes.Eyes are the windows of your soul!!You art it is mafnifico!!!:) Have a great day Erica!!,Nelly.