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Age: 32
Hometown: Dundee
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Discovery Digital

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Marital Status Single
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Education In college
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BiographyBorn in Glasgow, raised in Devon and Southampton. Moved to Aberdeen shire for highschool and then went to Glasgow for a year at Cardonald College and am now currently studying Computer Arts at Abertay
Musici like lots of styles, though i'd have to say i'm an alternative rock or metal fan if i were to narrow it down to a catergory. i also love decent electronica and the classics like jazz and blues.
FilmsPlease please watch The Woodsman if you haven't done so already, it is absolutely superb. Other than that my favourite movies are (in no particular order) fight club, pulp fiction, [brotherhood], american pyshco, the machinist, garden state, downfall, requiem for a wars
Televisionfamily guy, futurama, friends, simpsons, scrubs, south park, sugar rush, black books, fast show (And all shows like it - except that bloody catherine tate)
BooksNot a big fiction fan, prefer reading about the history of crap and modern politics. Really interested in the Golden Ratio and the parrallels of art and phyics, if anyone can recommend books in this subject i'd be extremely grateful!
Heroesbilly connolly, bruce springsteen, bill bailey, dylan moran,ian curtis, jack white, ross noble


Vector Project: Based on the Art work Of Franz Kline I wanted to see if the feeling he creates from simple strokes could be emulated in a digital peice. I will scan in my original arcylics at some point. College Work: Just a selection of work from my year at cardonald (though the second life model is actually from Abertay)

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Fantastic work, keep creating.

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CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Just stopped in to see if you have added anything new. Let me know when you add anthing. ~Marianne


you have some really cool images... sharon13 :o)


nice style, nets


hii very nice art work... mutaz

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Ginger, nice work. Your college work is well done.


very nice work, best wishes - ranjan


very nice work, best wishes - ranjan


Hi, I love your Vector Project work and your life model no.5 piece


Hi, welcome to this website. Everyone is helpful and friendly. I like your Vector Project very much. I have done similar abstracts, please visit my site when you get a chance.


Greetings - nice and original style..


"Discovery Digital" has real impact in its depth. Good work. Robbie.


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


Love all your work- especially the monochrome digital work!

clarebear ( Deleted user )

Hi Mike, thanks for the reply..long ginger hair eh, sounds cool, I used to have dreads but I didn't maintain them properly and they ended up like a sort of unmoving tree thing on my head!! Wow you are in awe of my work, I think thats a first... it feels good! working with pastels is like using controlled mess, I love it because you get your hands dirty!! I guess thats why I like clay too.....Clare

clarebear ( Deleted user )

Hi, some great work, like the life drawing particularly, great use of light, the monochrome work is hypnotic. (Do you prefer ginger or Jesus?!) Glad you like Bill Bailey...Clare bear


excellent artwork! best wishes dakini


At Ashford College of Art&Design-foundation. Hoping to continue and do a degree in fine art. good luck with your work! x