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Night Falls In Saskatchewan

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Education High school
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BiographyI always hate these parts..I hate talking about myself. I'm a 53 year old guy, disabled because of multiple car accidents, and failed back surgeries. I was a whistle blower back in the 80's...had my 15 minutes LOL ( wink ) I've been drawing for 50 years, near as i can figure, ever since I could hold a pencil I was drawing. It gets harder as the years pass by to stand or sit next to the old easel, so I bought myself one of those wacom tablets and explored a whole new world of digital art and traditional looking painting through that medium...so it kinda worked out pretty well after all, now I can lay down when the pain gets too bad..me and my laptop...exciting ain't it?
Interestsdrawing, painting, reading..especially Dean Koontz...I love to write and am currently trying to juggle writing 3 different writing projects. I love movies.BUT! not just any movies..I don't go much for the standard commercialised ( bad spelling I know ) hollywood type of flicks. I like a good comedy, suspense, thriller, drama, tear jerker...and give me lots of dialogue and I'll be happy.
MusicMusic? well that could take me all night to type. everything from classical to jazz and blues to oldies classic rock.country..old country that is. I collect soundtracks. A huge fan of Tangerine Dream and Enya..Johnny Cash....good grief there's just so much I love.
Filmsblack and white older films, film noir, anything by Tarantino, Scorcese, triumphs of the human spirit, true stories, documentaries...tons of others...
TelevisionDon't get me started on television...LOL ain't much on the tube nowadays that's woth a tinker's dam, however I do enjoy Dexter, Curb Your Enthusiasm, californication, Jeremiah when it was on.
Booksthe classics, I own every book by Stephen King, and movies too...but Dean Koontz has my strict attention these days
HeroesFrank Serpico,Karen Silkwood, Bobby Darin, Johnny Cash...there's more of course


Had a few exhibits. last one was this past October here in Windsor Ontario Had a couple other ones years ago..but my amount of pieces were rather thin at that time...now I got myself so many paintings I've run out of space to put them all.

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Terzza ( Deleted user )

"Cat In Wicker Chair" my favorite! Exellent work!!!

Lime ( Deleted user )

Welcome to ART Paradise Hibrn8g.


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


Nice artwork, I really like "Night Falls In Saskatchewan". I hope to see more. Steve


Hi, don't forget to email your friends about your new My Art Profile URL! Send them a link to your new page http://www.myartprofile.com/Hibrn8g.


Hi and welcome to MyArtProfile. Some great art, love your night falls. Margaret, Artist at Work, http://artist-at-work.co.uk


Hi Barry, a great variaty of art you show us. Very beautiful portraits. Welcome to Myartprofile, I hope you'll like it here. :)


Hello - pleased to visit your site. Nice work. Regards, Bud C


wow, great work and how astounding for you to find a way around your battered back with a wacom tablet. kudos. you will like it here on map, I hope. A lot of art that kicks butt and a fine camaraderie.


Welcome to the site love Jackson Pollock homage to. Best Wishes Susie


Hi, welcome to the site Katherine Hepburn is one of my favourites and cat in a wicker chair. Blumoon


Hi and welcome to the site.I love your Night Fals in Saskatchewan.Alla


Hi Sarah...thank you for the warm welcome... :)


Thank you so much for those kind words.... :)

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hello and welcome to the site. I love your "Cat In Wicker Chair". You did such a wonderful job with the cast shadows. Looking forward to seeing more. Enjoy! ~Marianne


Hi Hibrn8g, Can I help? This is a Free Forum for people like us to communicate about our passion of Art in whatever form. We are free to promote our own websites & commissions to Art lovers around the world. This website does all the advertising so we don't have to. In addition the more contacts you make in the industry the more popular we become as Artists in turn more people will show an interest in our Public Exhibitions. Keep in touch with everyone! X