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Hometown: Schaumburg
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BiographyJim Plaxco is a digital artist and photographer who works with 2D, 3D, algorithmic, and photographic elements to create digital art. His introduction to computer art occurred in 1982 when he enrolled in the first graduate level course in computer graphics offered by the art department at Northern Illinois University. Since then he has created digital art on a variety of platforms with a wide variety of software. Jim specializes in abstract, algorithmic, and astronomical art. As a Solar System Ambassador for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jim has used his artistic and image processing skills to create astronomical and planetary images using data from a variety of space missions to illustrate his educational presentations. Jim has also judged space art contests for both NASA and the National Space Society. A portion of Jim's work can be seen on his web site at http://www.artsnova.com
InterestsComputer Graphics, Space Art, Algorithmic Art, Astronomy, Planetary Science
MusicProgressive Rock, New Age, Celtic, Jazz

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