KTC "Byzantine art begins where ordinary art ends...." - Iconographer: P. Kontoglou

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Biography "I have understand that I now have a mission. Which is to do the will of God our Father. That is to know to love and to serve Him and to serve our neighor. I seve God most when i glorify Him through the gifts He has blessed me with. my gift is the writting of Iconography." - Konstantinos Mihalis Doulgerakis II | the Cretan
InterestsI developed an interest in art at a young age, and more for the Medival Byzantine and Post-Byzantium Art. Though, I yet have not received formal instuction in Byzantine iconography, and I am essentially self-taught.
MusicHouse, electro - house, Club, Dance, Euro, international, reggaeton, cretan, folk, ambient, Greek pop, club hits/ anthems, zeb. tiff. and underground-Greek- Rock... Artist & bands: Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Yiannis Xaroulis, Yiannis Aggelakas, Thavasis Papakwvsatinou, ... Cretan: Nikos Xilouris, Yiwrgos Xatzakis, pantermakia, Georgia Dagaki, Antonis Xylouris (Psarantonis), Mixalis Tzouganakis, ... Byzantine Music Artist: the Works of SOTIRIS DOGANIS. (look him up!) Rock & metal: PSYCHARMONICA, ApomixanisTheos, Diafana Krina, Incognia, 1550, ENOLA STR8, Movastro, Oneiropagida, Tool, Stone Sour, APC, Kontrol, Motivo-4, WC, ENDELEXEIA, Magic De Spell, ... Hip Hop-Metal & Hardcore: A/E - PSHFISE, DIHASMENES ALITHIES, NOHSIS, O-live, Mario Mental, Master Tempo, OTI DEN VLEPEIS, XoY, TANG-RAM, FK, ... to name a few in mind...
FilmsAndrei Tarkovsky's - ANDREI RUBLEV "The Passion Accrding to Andrei" El Greko - a film by Iannis Smaragdis
TelevisionSIRIUS Satellite Radio -The Beat XM Radio - BPM Radio - Rythmos FM 94.9 Degrassi: The Next Generation (on The N) supernatural (on the CW) Mtv shows, Life time Channal Comedy Central, The E, VH1 The History CH., National Geographic Ch. ERT world, BLUE channnel, GMtv, and YOUtube.com? lol I don't watch as much TV as I use to when I was younger, though when I do watch TV those are the Channels that my most watchable shows are on...
BooksByzantine Art - Robin Cormack of Oxford Historty of Art the ICONS OF THEIR BODIES " Saints And Their Images In Byzantium" - Henry Maguire Early Christian & Byzantine Art - John Lowden of PHAIDON ORTHODOX SAINTS - George Poulos Icons and Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church Life after Death "A History of The AfterLife in Western Religion" Alan F. Segal D. Nicolle * J.Haldon * S.Turnbull THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE "The Ottoman Conquest o Byzantium" Byzantine Sacred Art by Constantine Cavarnos Guide to Byzantine Iconography vol. I & II Constantine Cavarnos Metamorphosis "The Transfigration In Byzantine Theology And Iconcoraphy" Andreas Andreopoulos Neil Olson "THE ICON" PLato "Meno" The Annual Resource Companion (ARC) Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, &5 Jeffrey Eugenides "Middlesex" "THE ART OF THE ICON" Nigel Cawthorne YOUTH OF THE APOCALYPSE AND THE LAST TRUE REBELLION By Monks John Marler and Andrew Wermuth and many more great books.
HeroesINFLUENCES MEDIVAL MASTERS: Manuel Panselinos - Mixalis Astrapas - Eutychios - Georgios Kalliergis - Theophanes the Greek - Andrei Rublev - Danil Chorny - Master Dionysius - Andreas Ritzos - Theophanis "the Cretan" Strelitzas - Emmanuel Tzanes Bounialis - Michael Damaskenos - Simon Ushakov - Emmanuel Lombardos - CONTEMPORAY MASTERS: Photios Kontoglou - Vladislav Andreyev - Nun Olympias - Xenia Pokrovsky - Fr. Egon Sendler - Fr. Teodor Zinon -

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