Lenka I love art full of light and charm which is never provocative. /Renoir/

Age: 37
Hometown: Melnik
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BiographyMy name is Lenka and I live in Czech Republic. If you are interested in any of my paintings, please contact me at: lenkahlinecka@gmail.com. In youth I attended art school but most of my life I'm self-taught. At the beginning I was mostly drawing with pencil but ever since I received oil paints on my birthday, I belong only to them. I love french impressionists, esp. Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir, and also art nouveau for its ornamental clear technique, esp. czech artist Alphonse Mucha who was born on the same day as me (24th July), and he was also left-handed as me :). I love all kinds of art: painting, architecture (e.g. Antoni Gaudi), literature, theatre, films, music, .. What I hate is selfishness, egocentrism, vulgarity, and indolence.
InterestsArt, history, culture, literature, architecture, nature, travelling, sports, ... I really like and share what my friend Amigold said: "Human beings of all races and colours, with or without knowledge, rich or poor." Little note: Many people tell me that I put too low prices to my art and that many people will not buy them because they will find it strange that my paintings are not so expensive. But my goal is not to gain fortune selling my art but to make art more popular, I want to make it possible for people to have original painting on the wall in their house. Not everybody is so rich to buy an original, that is the reason why I don't put exaggerated prices on my paintings.
MusicI'm more classical type :) Abba, Queen, I love melodious songs, nothing like hip-hop or rap :) I love old songs of Frank Sinatra, Luis Armstrong, ..
FilmsMadison Bridges, The Forsyte Saga, Dances With Wolves, Braveheart, The Hours (about V. Woolf, amazing masterpiece), In Love and War (about Hemingway), The Mirror Has Two Faces, Sleepless in Seattle, Terminal, Castaway. You've Got Mail is such a lovely movie!
TelevisionDesperate Housewives, Step by Step,Ally McBeal (although sometimes it drives me crazy :D )...
BooksI love Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Bronte sisters, Og Mandino: The Greatest Miracle In The World, czech Ignat Herrmann: The Eaten Out Shop (U snedeneho kramu), I adore old czech literature (esp. 19th century)
HeroesTom Hanks, Ioan Gruffudd, Gina McKee, Meg Ryan, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock

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Great portrait work and wonderful style.


Thanx a lot :-)


Congratulations to being choosen as Featured artist.


Really beautiful work.


You have an amazing style!


wonderful work... loved the colours


Fantastic art work! Love it :)!!


lovely work of art


Happy to see your artworks Lenka!


dance and poetry are both very nice. p.s i agree ally mcbeal is a great show. :)


Hi sweetheART great gallery - lovely to meet you ;} happy hippy hugglez


Beautiful work Lenka...keep it up!


I'm a fan of Lenka both the musician and the artist. But they're two different people from a very far place having equal beauty and grace.As the music goes "Trouble is a friend yeah trouble is a friend of mine aw aw"^.^ Ciao


Your work is very excellent. I wish you success and good luck. LSKART


Cześć Lenka. Co tam nowego ostatnio tworzysz?


Hi dear Lenka***! Thank you for adding me among your friends! Wishing you a great inspirational week end towards!

CJ8 ( Deleted user )

Wonderful works! :)


Nice work .


I am stunned front of your amazing artwork there!Congrats***!


i really like your work, i do photography,but i have started doing painting with acrylics il be putting them up soon. keep up the fantastic work.

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