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Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more.

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Crimson ( Deleted user )

awesome pics!

CJ8 ( Deleted user )

Really wonderful photos, very much I like them :)

Lime ( Deleted user )

Nice Work Linnea.


Tja *dalmål* hur måruö? Haru vart medläm här längä äller?


Hellu Linnea I found you ^_^


I totally agree, My pictures are also often supported by music . (: And I understand what you have written, Nothing need to be explained. :D


Thanks, i think music and pictures have the same fundaments:Feeling and composition.All my works are sound supported and it isnt just electronic music that i listen to when i work.p.s you wrote pink floyd because there were a very, very little part of my inspiration.To be artist means to see(feel) what the other people not see, little parts of the all, very important parts but so small:)Thats why i am impressed, you have felt this little "Pink floyd" inspiration...It is maybe strange what i write now, tell me if i have to explain somethin`!Nice greetings from the land of cheese and chocolat.


lets get mystic: ma inspiration was a friend who has played a techno music set about three hours- i have listened to his rhytm skills while i have made this.The Point is he is a big Daft Punk and Pink floyd fan...Interesting, your comment...The Music (deep minimal Techno) is a style (you maybe know)inspirated by bands like Pink floyd (one of the first bands who have used syntheshiser)and daft punk (great electronic musicians-have inspirated a lot of people- i`m big Daft Punk fan...i am impressed about you...


great photos, such a diverse range. Margaret, Artist at Work,


I enjoy your works again and much don`t stop!I still work on my paintings, please visit my @work folder, got some new influences...


Hello SAD EYES...just popped in to see if you posted any new work, and much to my surprise YOU DID !!!I love the dark shadowy lighting in a few...and the white-out eyes are very stylish. Keep em' coming.....I really dig your perspective on art.ROCK ON, BLADE.


Very emotional pieces, thanks for sharing. Steve


enjoyed looking at your photos..... :-)

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Linnea, just stopping in to see what's new. I like your photo "Little Baby Hat". Well done. I hopw all is well with you. ~Marianne


Your awesome LINNEA...........keep the photo's coming.Your so talented at such a young age. Imagine what your work will be like after you've done this for years? BRAVO!Very glad to know you..............BLADE.


Greetings - beautiful works from your soul - keep observing and creating - best wishes - if you have time also enjoy my videos:

Ysr ( Deleted user )

Hallo Linnea, I like your new images...for me human expression is probobly my fave in photography...take care,YU

theo ( Deleted user )

All of your photos are beautiful,Linnea....nice to have you here,theo


what beautiful work.winning the battle losing the war...I love it.

Ysr ( Deleted user )

Hello Linnea, Great work your doing. My faves are painbirds, and enchanted. Let me know when you add more works, best wishes! Yulonda