Mamtani I believe that we are Gods - we have only forgotten!

Age: 83
Hometown: Munich
Accepts Commissions: No
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Number of Visits: 36104
Austria Mandala 3

Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Married
Education Post grad
Children Proud parent

Interests and Personality

BiographyMahirwan Mamtani born Indus Valley 1935. After the partition of India in 1947, migrated to Delhi. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 1955. Studied Painting at the Delhi School of Art, New Delhi and received the National Diploma in 1962. Awarded DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) to study painting at the Academy of Art, Munich under Prof. Franz Nagel in 1966, since then lives in Munich. Visit my websites - Mamtani.html
InterestsPainting, Graphiks, Phtography Videography, music, poetry, Cooking
MusicPlays drums
FilmsMade Graphik-Animation-Film CENTROVISION. I admire "What the bleep do we know" For my Videos visit:
BooksArt, Philosophy and Spiritual Evolution.


ONE-MAN-EXHIBITIONS (selected) 1964 New Delhi AIFACS Gallery 1967 München, Galerie Stenzel 1967 Augsburg, Ecke Galerie 1967 Mainz, Galerie Winfried Gurlitt 1967 Zürich, Galerie La Fourmi´re 1970 Berlin, modern art galerie 1970 Grenchen, Galerie Toni Brechbühl 1971 Heilbronn, Galerie Rota 1972 München, Kunstverein 1972 Wuppertal, Schauspielhaus 1973 London, Commonwealth Institute Art Gallery 1974 München, Art Galerie Schwabylon 1974 Wuppertal, Galerie Becher 1975 New Delhi, Gallery Chanakya 1976 Heilbronn, Galerie Lee Babel 1979 New Delhi, Gallery Chanakya 1985 München, Galerie Transart 1986 New Delhi, Dhoomimal Art Centre 1988 München, Galerie Rozmarin 1991 New Delhi, Dhoomimal Art Centre 1993 Hanau, Galerie Neunauge 1994 Zürich, Galerie Gerhard Zähringer 1995 New Delhi, LTG Art Gallery 1998 Landsberg, Stadttheater 2002 Hanau, Galerie Neunauge GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selected) 1968 München, Kunstverein 1969 München, Große Kunstausstellung Haus der Kunst 1970 Berlin, Frühjahrsmesse 1970 Basel, Internationale Kunstmesse Galerie Regio 1970 München, Große Kunstausstellung Haus der Kunst 1971 Basel, Mustermesse Galerie Brechbühl/modern art 1971 München, Große Kunstausstellung Haus der Kunst 1971 München, Kunstzone 1971 Köln, Kunstmarkt Galerie Brechbühl/Regio 1972 New Delhi, National Exhibition of Art Lalit Kala Akademi 1972 Basel, Art ´72 – Galerie Brechbühl/Regio 1972 München, Große Kunstausstellung Haus der Kunst 1972 München, Mandala in der zeitgenöss. Kunst 1972 Düsseldorf, Internationaler Markt für aktuelle Kunst 1973 New York, Young Artists ´73 1973 Locarno, Ipotesi per unarte simbolica 1973 Milano, Situazione Simbolo 1973 Düsseldorf, Internationaler Markt für aktuelle Kunst 1973 New Delhi, National Exhibition of Art Lalit Kala 1974 Segovia, Bienal Internacional de Obra Grafica Y ArteSeriado 1975 New Delhi, Third International Triennale-India 1975 Aarau, Aargauer Kunsthaus - Weltanschauung als Bildidee- gemalte Weltschau curated by Dr. Walter Schönenberger 1976 Bochum, Museum Bochum–Weltanschauung als Bildidee- gemalte Weltschau 1976 Tokyo, Musem of Modern Art, International Print Biennial 1976 Nürnberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum,Bild+Text/Text+Bild 1977 Melbourne, Western Pacific Print Biennale 1977 Paris, Salon de Mai 1978 New Delhi, Fourth International Triennale-India 1978 Ljubljana, Moderna Galerija, International Art ´78 1978 Landau, Städt. Galerie 1979 Tolentino, Biennale Internazionale dell Umorismo nell´Arte 1980 Mannheim, Rosengarten, Surya Galerie 1982 Darmstadt, Kunsthalle 1982 Bergkamen, 6. bbb – Kunst zum Überleben 1982 Ibiza, X Bienal Internacional 1983 Stuttgart, IFA Forum für Kulturaustausch – Neo-Tantra (with Biren De, G.R.Santosh, Sohan Qadri,Om Prakash Sharma, Prafulla Mohanti, Om Prakash, K.C.S. Paniker,K.V. Haridasan, V.Viswanadhan..) curated by Dr. L.P. Sihare 1984 München, Große Kunstausstellung Haus der Kunst 1984 Düsseldorf, Kunstmuseum der Stadt Düsseldorf 1984 Wien, Kunsthaus, Bayerische Kunst Heute 1984 Hannover, Kubus an der Aegidienkirche 1984 Oberhausen, Kunstverein Oberhausen 1984 Bayreuth, Iwalewa-Haus Universität Bayreuth 1984 Tokyo, 15th International Art Biennale 1985 Ljubljana, International Art Collection 1986 Los Angeles, Neo-Tantra Wight Art Gallery UCL – curated by Dr. Edith Tonelli 1986 New South Wales, Neo-Tantra-Art 1986 Frankfurt, Buchmesse – Zeitgenössische Indisce Malerei curated by Prof. P.N. Mago 1987 Warsaw, Zeitgenössische Indische Malerei 1987 Moscow/Leningard/Riga, Festival of India 1987 Tolentino, Biennale Internazionale dell Umorismo nell´Arte 1987 München, Transart Galerie, Stille Räume 1988 St. Gallen, Stadttheater 1988 Neumarkt, Steinmühle, Kunst für Lebensräume 1988 Perpignan/France, Biennale Internationale de l´Estampe 1991 Bad Kissingen, Galerie Hirnickel 1991 Köln, Die Weisse Galerie 1993 Tolentino, Biennale Internazionale dell Umorismo nell´Arte 1993 Mainz, Galerie Rathaus curated by Edda Bhattacharjee 1993 Stettin, Schloß der Pommerschen Fürsten 1995 Tolentino, Biennale Internazionale dell Umorismo nell´Arte 1995 New Delhi, My East is your West, Max Müller Bhavan – Goethe Institut 2003 München, The Dual Path of Indian Art Today, Galerie Müller+Plate 2004 München, Indien Institut 75th Anniversary, at Sotheby´s 2004 New Delhi, NRI artists, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi AWARDS 1976 Tokyo, 10th International Print Biennale 1978 New Delhi, National Award, Lalit Kala Akademi

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Hi. I not been here a long time, because of few family crises at last years, which make me stress and slow my art activity and creativity, so I not recognized I have that much, warm responding for my art. Thank you so much. I so much like your art and really love to look at. Thank you again, for your kindness and very warm words. Mariola


lovely paintings - very vibrant


Self Munich is my Fav... love you still


nice work love it


Hola Mamtani. Gracias por la amistad. Tu obra es genial, te felicito. Saludos...Silvana Strufaldi Hi Mamtani. _Thank you for the request. Bay...Silvana Strufaldi


new work is up just focusing on my photography now


I have just posted 3 new galleries on my sight.


Hi Mamtani,Thank you for your kind words. I have just posted some new works.


You have beautiful work.


Hi Mamtani. Great work,quite hypnotic.

cynthia02 How is your day....... I saw your profile at and some thing about you move my intress to comminicate with you so how is life treating you. Please i want you to use this email address to write me back( so that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me ok.stay cool and enjoy your self.kisesssssssssss Yours lovely Cynthia


thankyou for comments you have given i have new work up now.


Thanks for visiting my site. I am regret being so delinquent in answering these emails. Tread the Earth Lightly and in the meantime.. May your day be filled with Peace, Light and Love, Arlene Wright-Correll


Hello Sir, You must be fine, just to inform you that I have added a new gallery 'My Published Work' on my page..In the gallery I have uploaded the work I have done for a magazine.. If you are interested then please visit my page when ever you get some time..Thank you. Wishes.


Hi Mamtani,really great work.Thanks for adding me.Best regards,Biba


Nice colours!


Great Art! Thanks for adding me,Happy New Year.


Hi, Mamtani. Thanks for the add. Great work! Inspirational!!


Very good art!


Great ARTWORK, Mamtani! :))

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