Melania paint is the means for objects to exist with a maximun impact

Age: 41
Hometown: london
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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dream rocking horse

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Lime ( Deleted user )

Nice Work Melania.




Very nice work. What a world of dreams you've created here. Regards, Bud


Chess is not a Game 2 is my absolutely favourite piece so far ! I enjoed visitint your site,bravo ! Regards,brischit


Enjoy my videos----


preciosas ilustraciones,un honor conocer tu obra.


Hi Melania. i visit your work again."sink-in" it is wonderful-i love it ! Lilach Yoram

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Interesting work Melania. I like "jungly awaiting" and "smalljungly". They seem to tell an intriguing story.


hi, cool work and very fluid. guard dog is excellent.


I love the dreamlike quality in your paintings, and colors you use too. Really cool!


hello, Melania, i just thought I'd stop by to say his. I hope all is well with you and that you are as productive as you wish to be, Best wishes, Robbie


Greetings Melania - how are you doing - any new inspiration? Best wishes -mamtani


"girl in red" is wonderful, I love your paintings

Jarko ( Deleted user )

Lucky you Melania! China: must be an experience. Tell me more about it. Well, I've been busy with my next one man show in Tampere, Finland (150km from my hometown) the 9th till 21th June. So that is before my trip to NYC the 26th June. In July comes San Diego - oh I'm tired but happy of my success - I've never been abroad with my art before.


I really like "Chess is not a Game 2". I like your surreal paintings, very original and fun to see your galleries. Visit mine when you get a chance.

Jarko ( Deleted user )

You're right - I need a day off - I'm too tired, and the pain killers don't work anymore...

Jarko ( Deleted user )

Most of the paintings are in my Sensual World. Today I've painted Killer (in most recent) and Light my fire (in tour 11). Do you like them?

Jarko ( Deleted user )

I had already 60 finished paintings in my stock a month ago. Now I've painted 23 paintings in a month. I have a little time left to paint about 10 more. 90-95 is enough. Press, advertising, posters and help to routines are all organized already. I've used to pressure and constant headaches. Still I sleep well and take a nap every day - I work only when I feel like working - that all is called life - my life - and I love it. There's no time to worry about irrelevant things. So good that you care.


excelente trabajo


hello melania i love the coloursand the narrative in your painting-beatiful. lilach53