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Age: 59
Hometown: N/A
Accepts Commissions: No
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Number of Visits: 13861
Lover Seeing Only You (12 x 16 in. Acrylic & Glitter)

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Marital Status Single
Smoker Yes
Drinker No
Education High school
Children Love kids, but not for me

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BiographyBartley K. grew up and lived mostly in Ohio, then moved to a Southern U.S. state a few years ago. He was recognized to have Art talent by age 10. He didn't turn into a serious artist till about age 18 at which point, he dove into Art History and regular artistic practice. He also discovered Surrealism and has been in love with it since then. Since high school Bartley K. has been entirely self-taught. He has done many traditional commissions over 20 years, exhibiting in many group shows winning high awards, and is now concentrating on his own original artworks and has recently started writing occasional Surrealist Poetry & Writings. B.K.'s current Art & Lit web-site is at............
InterestsArt History,I love Modern Art Surrealism & Magic Realism, Writing Surreal Poetry, Pre- history,Photography,Carl Jung Logic balanced with Mysticism, Positive Ideas, etc
MusicRoxy Music and other Glam Rock, New Age, Nora Jones, Sade', Basia etc, Classic Rock,Techno,some current Heavy Metal,Jazz/Rock Fusion
FilmsSalvador Dali's 2 films -"Unchien Andalou and L'age D'or" Romantic Comedies,Naked Lunch, Made In Heaven, Lost Highway, Good Will Hunting, Marx Brothers etc
TelevisionTwin Peaks by David Lynch, Independent Film Channel, all the Educational Channels. History's Mysteries on Hist- ory Channel etc
BooksSong of Soloman,-about 20 Art History books,5 on Surrealism, about 50 on spirituality ranging from the Bible to Pagan Magic & Hinduism,Poe-to-David Gascoyne, and other Poets -all Non-Fiction
HeroesMahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Steven Segal -surprise! Hehehe Van Gogh, Gauguin, Picasso, Dali, Magritte, Pop Surrealists, Andre' Breton, David Gascoyne and other Surrealist Poets & Writers, Women Surrealist Artists and Writers, my mother and others

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teresahardy ( Deleted user )



Amazing surreal works.


For a self taught artist, you have acquired a high degree of maturity in art. I salute you for the great art that you create!


Hi Moonsman, sorry for this late reply, I wasn't able to visit my own site for quite sometime. Thanks for your comments in my works and saying you liked my abstract and mixed media works. However you found my other works not at par with my previous two sets. I would just like to explain that those still life and nude sets are my regular sketching and drawing exercises so as not to forget my basics in doing art. Thanks for the visit. Your brother in Art-Buds Convocar


from one surrealist to another....LOVE YOUR WORK!


I really love your work.


thanx a lot! love your work. have a beautiful day..


MOONSMAN your way too kind ! your critiques > extremely heart warming alot like your world thanks moonsman


That's some wild ideas, I love them. Even like the black and white works, not always easy working in monotones, traditional scrimshaw is like that. I wish more of my clients could expand their likes in subjects outside of realism. I may try doing some surrealism on pendants, see how many folks would like them. Best wishes to you.


Welcome to the site. nice works.


Thank you very much for your thoughts. I have been traveling for the better part of a years, so please forgive me for not responding sooner. Whether you are serious or not, I am pleased that my work has sparked such an emotion out of you. I appreciate you taking the time out to view my page Sir... Mark


Freekin great work!


Great artwork. I get a real sense of your Picasso/Dali influences. Best regards. JC.........


HalloMoonsman, love it surreal works, Regaeds Shefqet,


Was looking ar Art-Man On The Downbeat, Always like a good geometric painting. TOX

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

I just stopped in for another look around. Wonderful surrealism; I wish I could do it. Keep creating Bartley! ~Marianne


Hey Moon hope all is well with you. I've added some new Images let me know what you think "Paparazzi " is one of my favorites Nevet


I keep coming back and seing something else I love! Margaret, Artist at Work,


man this is love ! you have it i love it surreal, shapes reminds me of what we are missing in this so called reality ..i like your vision ,your honest, words at the dog ladies , about style was so true and ballzy. still growing .a new fan of your work ! swirl?


HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your dreams come true in 2008!