Age: 25
Hometown: Manchester
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BiographyI have always loved art since i was a very small child, my mother tells me i was drawing horses at the age of 3, she couldn't believe it :D I appreciate many different styles of art; and love to experiment. Yet my speciality is pencil portraiture art, i love capturing people and their expressions and locking it away in paper. With every drawing i do; i learn something new, wethere its new methods of obtaining skin textures or the realistic qualities of hair. I usually comission for family, friends and teachers; drawing their icons, themselves of their children; i enjoy this alot. I like to draw celebrities, but their images are usually airbrushed; making them looking like plastic dolls, which can look ridiculous. I prefer to capture natural beauty, but nonethelesss enjoy both. I look forward to showing you my art! best wishes, Ryan

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