PhasedReality Nothing is more powerfull than beauty in a wicked world

Age: 40
Hometown: Malvern
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Emma I

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BiographyI am a keen creative individual and work in various different mediums from the more traditional such as pencil, crayon, oil paint, acrylic etc, through to more contemporay multimedia forms such as digital photography, film, sound design etc. You can find some of my photographs in the galleries section, I shall be adding lots more as well as examples of my other artwork over the comming weeks. Most of my pictures have been taken with a Canon EOS350D. I also use Photoshop CS2 for general editing and retouching, as well as for more creative digital manipulation. I also run a music project called Phased Reality. and am currently collaborating with several musicians both from the UK and worldwide. Continuing on the music side of things I help to run a music / design forum called The Audio am part of the online music promotions collective Aftershock Promotions
InterestsPhotography, art, music, litterature, people, humanity, society, reiki, spirituality, philosipgy, life the universe and everything, the earth, plants, trees, little buzzy insects, great big wooly things that go "grrrrrr", birds, fish, getting to the top of the hill, looking around the corner, seeing what I can see under stones, seeing new things with old eyes and old things with new eyes... life...
MusicThere are two types of music for me - good (which can include everything from classical to hard-core drum and bass) and bad (stuff with no meaning or soul, or that's just plain crap!)
TelevisionDon't watch much TV although I did really get into Lost when it was on. Can't wait for the next series!

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Beauteous gallery sweetheART ;} Valz


your landscapes are breathtaking! wow..

Lime ( Deleted user )

Wonderful Work Phased.


Hello PhasedReality, great to see another photographer, I love the clarity of your work, keep it up and good luck.


Great work here, love especially " Snow Grass " ....keep up the good work , regards, Brischit

4artist ( Deleted user )

In photograpy you do, if you did not share what you have seen I'd missed it. That would have been a loss. Blessings T


Enjoy my videos----


hi very nice art work.... mutaz


Nice work-greetings Anita !!


Your photography is brilliant

CreateReality ( Deleted user )


CreateReality ( Deleted user )

"grrrrrr" Nice work PhasedReality. Beautiful photographs, really love the abstract shots.


Hi! Really professional photos in your galleries!



pierrette ( Deleted user )

Hi, thanks for visiting; like your photos..

pierrette ( Deleted user )

Hi, thnaks for visiting; like your photos..


Beautiful pics.great eye for Abstract.


It was a pleasure to revisit your galleries. I love the landscapes. I wish to call your attention to It is a website that is of by and for photographers and photography which I have found to contain some of the greatest photography to be seen. I know that you will be welcome there as it has photographers from all over the world contributing work and comments in the various forums. Also please abide the following comment about your quote. I you see the world as wicked, then beauty is rare. If you see the world as beautiful, then wickedness is rare. In other words, what you choose to believe about the world is what you will experience. I'm old enough to know that is the truth. Best regards, Robbie.