Age: 12
Hometown: Bideford
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BiographyRON ATKIN Graduated Loughborough College of Art. Won Scholarship to Royal Academy Schools London. The same schools Turner, Blake and Constable attended. 1957-61 awarded bronze and silver medals for painting and three David Murray travelling Scholarships for landscape painting, and a portrait drawing prize. Graduated in 1961. 1975 5' x 4' Watercolour in R.A. Summer Exhibition, reproduced by Apollo Magazine. Critics comment being that it was one of the best of three out of 1,300 in the Summer Exhibition. Sold to private collector at the PV. 1984 Short-listed for a Gulbenkian Print maker’s award.1990-98 Featured in first and second edition of Dictionary of British Art volume VI, 20th Century Painters and Sculptors 1990/91 by Frances Spalding and Judith Collins, the Curator in the Modern Collection at the Tate Gallery. Also in Dictionary of Artists in Britain since 1945 by David Buckman 1998
InterestsWriting, Walking,Bird watching,Gardening, Sea watching, Films on TV. Apart from painting/writing FAVORITE OCCUPATION teaching a meditation Called 'THE SONG OF THE SEA'.
MusicAll music/arts that awaken:-“ART, if it be anything, must be a quest of the spirit a quest which is conducted through the practice of producing outer visible manifestations of inner, invisible realizations. It is a magic instrument for sensing the qualities of life - those qualities which lie outside the realm of proof and precise measurement. Here is its very virtue, and its great importance in an age like ours with its scientific stance and its materialistic viewpoints.Please visit ”http://www.soulscapes.org.uk/ and http://www.innerjourneyofthesoul.com/
FilmsAny film that transcends the mundane.
HeroesEinstein, because he said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Not however to be confused with fantasy!

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Lime ( Deleted user )

Good ART Work RjjA.

jh ( Deleted user )

Hello RjjA, unique work, inspiring, thank you for the add.


Great art, love your nudes and the religious imagery. Margaret, Artist at Work, http://artist-at-work.co.uk


What nice work you have here. I love the nudes - the figures possess mass and volume and character and the colors work very well. I enjoyed my visit. Regards, Bud


Hello Ron, I really enjoyed viewing your wonderful work and I do adore your talent! Regards, Brischit

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hello Ron, Just stopping in again. I see I haven't been by for awhile. I enjoyed viewing your work again. Keep creating. ~Marianne


hiii very nice painting....let me see u.mutaz


"ANGEL HAVING FUN WHEN GOD POPPED OUT FOR FIVE MINUTES" is very funny. I got a good laugh from an angel with a hole in it's sock too. I like your sense of humor, all your angel paintings are just beautiful. I have angels in my collection too. I've always been interested in past life regression. A good friend of mine does this for people too but I have a hard time being hypnotized, must be a control issue. Keep in touch.


"The Doorway" is breathtaking.

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

You're welcome Rjja, and thank you also. I checkec out your ArtWanted site and read your bio. Thinking about it, and will get back to you with my thoughts.


Thnak you Rija, I'm glad you visit my site, - ranjan


THANK You for visiting Marianne. I like your gallery and the sunlight it contains.


Hello Rija, you have some wonderful paintings, GOD FITTING WINGS TO MY ANGEL is I like most, I enjoy your works of different technique, best wishes - ranjan

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hello Rjja, I've entered through the portal and enjoyed my stay. "FAIRY LANDSCAPE 3", "GOOD KARMA CORDS", "THE DOORWAY" and "ANTIQUE DEALERS AT SOTHEBY'S" are my favorites.


Hello, Ron, I hope this finds you well and doing fine. I would appreciate your viewing my new gallery on my profile 'All Hands' it contains 26 designs and I would love to hear your comments. Thank you and best wishes, Robbie.


Did you hear, someone paid me $40.00 bucks to remove 40 gross pictures. No more Animals!


Our techniques are quite different, but there is a uniting influence between us. My event occurred in 1969. Please visit my galleries and let us communicate further. Best regards, Robbie.


RjjA- Your art is FULL of creative energy and archetype symbols that can help awaken the mind & spirit of ALL who pass through your portal. If they look at your art as I have,with an open mind's eye, it will help to transform their lives.


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


nice work!