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Age: 33
Hometown: salt lake city, philly
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Coral Bubbles.

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BiographyJeff my brains electro-magnetic field is stronger than anyone in the world(fact). my brain burns hydrogen at its core just like stars. i am not in my heilum burning stage yet. this wont happen for another 100,0000,000 years. on earth, i was born in :philadelphia 1985, childhood was fantastic. moved to utah for college. now i am a senior, i go on tour with music festivals during the summer to sell posters. life is great. my previous life i was a inter-stellar warrior in the galaxy of andromeda.INTERESTS. art. painting. conversations with no apparent meaning or ending or focus. closing my eyes at concerts. black holes and galaxys. my brains extraordinary powers and exploring them. drinking and dancing while painting. rainy days, sunny days. weird people. loud people with nothing to say. people who play music. people who dont play music. alternate states of the mind. old stubborn people. young stubborn people. me. people ok with mild cases of insanity.
InterestsI am the main controller of my work and make all decisions, yet I also do as the piece tells me to, as we are on the same team. The work can push me to the limit or take me a direction that was not originally decided on and traveling into new realms. I thrive on this relationship with the painting and myself, watching the process of the work happening before me, almost as a spectator would watch a game. I tend to have multiple layers on paintings and express the mood and emotions of the current day onto the previous paint layer.
MusicMy paintings are an expression of the electric time of the moment, so I work at high speeds to open the unconscious of the connection between my brain to my hand. Moving at a fast pace and improvising is important to my system because painting this way helps to construct automatically. While I am working on large paintings I have the feeling of being completely surrounded, responding to the emotions already set in place and creating a deeper space, letting what already happened and what will happen up to chance. I create so rapidly that it almost just flows out of my body with having less try to concentrate on the painting as much as to be absorbed by it. Painting automatic takes movements of the whole body, not just hand and mind coordination. I like to call this “dancing with the painting”.
FilmsI am interested in the illusion of a picture plane and the space it can create. My paintings consist of unfamiliar shapes and objects placed next to each other to create a sense of depth. What interests me the most is the evolution of the work and myself into a parallel flowing universe and creating a feeling of existence. My work is an emotional landscape or layers of experience driven acts in a ritualistic fashion. I usually work with music playing to create a synethesia for me, having a stimulation of one or more feelings directly correspond onto the painting as strokes or color. My paintings do not have blue prints or a structure outside of the world its contained , but on the canvas there is a personal harmony collected inside the chaos of the piece.
TelevisionPainting to me is more about the disconnection of life and all the things around me. Each mark and move is a symbol of a creator and for me this is a feeling of complete power and invincibility. The time and space I occupy in in this world seems like a long time, yet it is only a minimal existence in the grand scheme of things and my paintings are a direct indication of my existence in the world and beyond. My paintings will leave an endless impression, whether large or small, of my real emotions and expressions for many years after I am gone.
Booksart books, music such as moe. phish, the grateful dead, bob dylan, yondermountainstringband.
Heroesroberto de matta. kandinsky. my parents. Shout outs and thanks: bacon in the morning. plastic trays for eating and mixing oil paint. my ipod. disney movies, ultra-mom. art teachers that i did not listen to. bad grades (especially art related.) no socks. warm socks. people who look at me funny and remind me who i am. turkeys. chrisco binges. glowstick wars and ditch partys. the past. campfires and laughter. the sound of waves on the jersey shore. scientists. religious people. electric music, especailly guitar shredders. research papers. infinity. ski, tay, nick, donkeys and gerbils,the dragon, mav, indian girl, zennith, rattlesnake, gofer, the unicorn horn, puppies, the oyster, the fire starter, flying squirrle,turtle,slutty kawolabear. spaca,spence, my grandparents i dont talk to anymore. dirt, my best friends and brothers and all the lovely people that pass my site on. thank you very much: Jeff Robinson

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