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Hometown: Kalifornia
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BiographyI'm a photographer, but life is Art!!! I like to take photos of places I have been although I seem to take 10000 shots to get 1 good picture. Sometimes I don't have my camera with me so I capture the beauty of life on my trusty Nokia & I hope it tells a story. This website is dedicated to every Artist in the world searching for inspiration and friendships with like minded people, if you’re reading this Biography, Its probably dedicated to you! I live between England & Italy. Every now & then I make it across the pond but since I found Europe I fell in love with its culture and history. Now my new project is this website because a group of Artists decided that the world needed a new message. The message is “One is the number, One Million is the One”, You are all about to embark in a piece of Art History by joining this site. You won’t be forgotten! Oh & unlike many Artists, You won’t have to die before your paintings are sold at the value they are worth!
InterestsCollecting Art for my house, Designing Furniture & Structures, Going to the Gym, Shopping, Salsa, Reading, Skiing, Horse Riding, Kickboxing & I'm teaching myself to be a better cook.
MusicAnything, music is the art of the ear!
FilmsChick Flicks
TelevisionSexetera, Nip Tuck,Desperate Housewives, Music TV
BooksNow i read
HeroesAll the Artists @


Most of my work can be 24/7 on location as the real thing should still be better than my photo's! As for the Glass steps, you will need an invite to see them. X :-) I have decided to add a new Gallery called "My Life by Nokia". I did this because I don't always have my camera & the perfect moment is not always available to be captured; it would be a shame to miss the opportunity. So my new Gallery is dedicated to modern technology and capturing the beauty that surrounds us. X

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Hi Sarah, thank you. I think I will go on later to finish my profile. my image files are so large I must resize them.


Toolbar: ADHD Artistry: Coriano on My Space


Thanks Sarah


Hi Sarah! Thank you! Glad to be here!


Thanks and congratulations for your gallery.




Thanks Sarah. Beatiful pics by the way!!


hi,sarah,nice to meet you and all friends in here.i am an photographer focusing on world wide architects heritage project,which i am really crazy about. meantime,i am a manager in business management and i am a creator of sheng gallery which will be open soon in Dalian,China. anyway,if people want get their excellent works exposed or sold,or any intereting t哦批次,please contact me directly by best regards to all.


sarah when i search for My art profile on google the site has awarning that it may be harmfull to my computer ? Whats up with that ?


Thank you so much.


Hi Sarah, Thanks for the info. I have some of my work up and running on my profile. Best Regards, Tony


Thank you for your welcome


Thank you Sarah for your support! Success for you!


hi sarah and hello bac @ ya. thank you 4 ur commit and to enjoy art, however i have to reduce the pixel size of work before i can show it. and i'm not that good whit computers yet. so i'll have 2 wait till monday to have it done thank you 4 ur kind words peace.

IrnoVertak ( Deleted user )

Hi Sarah! thank you!


Thank you Sarha. Yes I need all of the help that I can get.


thanks for the wellcomeing.i am new on this website and is hard at the begining.i hope i will recive more mesages from you.nice work you to.

Flo ( Deleted user )

Hello Sarah - thank you for your message. great website.


Thank u!


Thank you Sarah! I hoep you'll find my paintings interesting and help me with critiques and comments.

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