Schwalb My paintings are sensual, primitive and I have a feminine hand.

Age: 66
Hometown: New York City
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Education College graduate

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BiographyEspecially, the emergence of conceptual art opened the way for archives of dollhouse paintings reminiscent of childhood visits to the Rijksmuseum, the British Museu, the Louvre, and the Sistine Chapel. My childhood was cool because my Dad was Cultural Liaison to Mayor Wagner. Winning the war meant nothing when it came to the cultural circus that was New York during the 1950's. Marcel Duchamp replaced his art with chess playing. The Hispanic Society, American Indian Museum, Harlem, and the Museum of the City of New York were daily haunts along with Marilyn Monroe riding a pink elephant at Madison Square Garden. Arthur Miller, Sylvia Plath and Saul Bellow echoed the general mood. The McCarthy era, the Korean War and the children of the Holocaust were ever present traumas of the inhabitants of my neighborhood.
Interestspsychic phenomenon, enlightenment, morning media brainstorming for large art publications, preparing shows, conceptual art, romantic trysts with creative people, purpose in life.
MusicNights in the Gardens of Spain.
FilmsFateless, Apocalypto
TelevisionThe Bachelor
BooksDaniel Defoe, Roxanna, non-fiction

Exhibitions Exhibited at The Clocktower/P.S.1 in New York City The Train Station Gallery, West Stockbridge, Massachusetts

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Thanks. I like your fabric pieces.


great creation..


Wow, love your style.


dear Zhangliong, thanks for your compliment. your work is spectacular! Sincerely, Claudia


Good work. I like.


Your work is fantastic!


Hi Schwalb, I saw your work,Nice work from 1st to last.Main thing is treatment of the Pigment. nice i love


hi Scwalb..diff name..unique met you at a friends today you probably didn't notice i clicked and there i was.. FINALLY NEW YORK CITY ..they were right! great people , crazy arts scene.nice profile ive been called blue eyes like your blue skies ..thanks for the trip to NYC feel free to come to canada ..just go to swirl seeya soon


Really bold work with lots of movement. I like the heavy application of paint which adds weight.....don


HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your dreams come true in 2008!


Hi Schwalb.. just browsing this great site and found your work..lopve the atmosphere in your paintings..those skies aree beautiful! feel much 'romance' in your imagery...relate to your interests too!!!! muched enjoyed..thanks...blaze


I appreciate the technique..I have recently been trying to break the chains of my photo realism by experimenting with thick impasto expressionism your work....I enjoyed your gallery

Paul ( Deleted user )

Enjoyed "Apricot Skies." Very nice Paul


Very nice work. Thanks for the enjoyable visit. Love the color in the skies. Bud C


sensual and feminine,yes i see that in your work


very beautiful work !!


Thanks for your comment, best wishes. Rob


I love the little doogy on your lap is it a Bichon? I have a Bichon cross. He is called Alfie and is crossed with a Chinese Crested its called a Chinese Frise will have to put some photos of him on my site Best Wishes Susie


hello I was admiring your painting. "Comfort of Shore" very nicly done!


Latch! Your kind message is warmly appreciated. Your work looks beautiful. Yours, Claudia