SilentScream she's tired smiling madly, silence has become very silently, a noise in her mind

Age: 38
Hometown: Bangalore
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The Door

Interests and Personality

BiographyA regularday finds me meddling with human brains trying to trap down the evergreen neural stem cells to decode the concontion for eternal youth in the pathophysiology lab!!However my leisures finds power and freedom at its democratic best on the canvas. Colours have been my ticket to existence, expression and eternity. I was born an artist and I did not let formal training spoil it! On a modest tone I must add that the last statement was just a fancy garb for my lack of any formal art school training. Though I did receive some orientation classes in a small drawing school near my residence, I have been primarily a freelancer otherwise.I remember my teachers words which have been with me all along. When I asked what color to put, he said, put whatever color your heart desires - because the world is as we choose to see it.Though it took me years to understand what he meant, that realization helped me set my soul free on canvas.
InterestsFrom a time when I used to look outside for inspiration for subject to paint I grew up to find pictures within me looking for a vent. So, most of my paintings are actually pieces of me, telling stories of a world nurtured deep inside. I like experimenting and exploring different mediums right from the well defined ones to the rebellious ones like cooking oil and molten wax! I am far from the method painter and act totally on impulse. By profession I am in academia now but someday I plan to make animated illustrations for elusive scientific concepts. Till then its this purposeless rendering of my thoughts and instincts on canvas that keeps me burning...
Musicmy precious lifeblood.

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u do hav a wonderful skill in u! the powerfull colors and effective composition are astounding!congrats

Lime ( Deleted user )

Your ART Work is Beauty spirit silent/Lime


Hey, How is Bangalore? I'm going there for a while in october to visit friends.. and hoping to do some painting too. I really like your picture entitled 'Fate'.


Hello, really nice artworks. what i like about u is u r trying to express urself in the painting. I loved the painting called 'The Door'. would u like to see my page?'re welcome. it would be pleasure. thanx. Best wishes - Silent Warrior


beautiful works You are cordially invited at the exhibition of paintings 'C0NSTRUCTION OF IMAGES' by Albert Ashok and his students,(Subhashish Das, Tapan Bera, Akshay Mahato, Sandip Goldar, Niranjan Haldar, Nitai Jana, Mantu Bera, Mausumi Ghosh), Mr.Sunil Gangopadhay will inaugurate the exhibition, A host of famous personalities / dignitaries and celebrities will be present there. For detail click the weblink or type on your browser,


niece art... regards


ection in "Self", great stuff. Margaret, Artist at Work,


neat stuff u got there.think you are good with sketches.the flowers r good too.




Very nice work.. Beautiful flowers. Regards, Bud C


I love the mistery in your painting.."The Door ". thanx.. Mark


i really like hope, fate and trust - very beautiful .... tell me though, what is this about stem cell research?

darel ( Deleted user )

I like the FAITH, looks very good.


ello : sublime splendid work very beautiful frienship dany


Sublime is a great drawing, bravo ! Regards,Brischit


nice faces, and flowers,best wishes


Love your work...quite an inspiration when I look at them


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


You are a lovely lady to say such wonderful things about my work thanks so much Best Wishes Susie


Hi you have some lovely works, best wishes Laurez.