Stevens I am exploring the fears and inhibitions that control our minds

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BiographySTEVENS JAY CARTER, ARTIST Carter has won several awards such as the 2007 DC Commission on the Arts Fellowship Award a Technical Assistance Award, a visiting Smithsonian Institution of Fellowship, several Artist in Residence grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He won the ArTrends Gallery Choice Awards 2000 for the best Contemporary Artist.
InterestsStevens is a 2006 recipient of The Pollock – Krasner Foundation Grant Award. He has also held non-solicited faculty positions at Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania College of Technology, and Slippery Rock University.


Caos on F Street Colors and Textures Washington, DC The Ratner Museum, Bethesda, Md USA American Painting Fine Arts NYC American Painting, New York, NY 2005 Harmony Hall Regional Arts Center, Ft. Washington, MD 2004 Citibank Financial Center, Washington, DC 2003 Washington Gas Window, Project BRASAS, Washington, DC 1999 New York Art Expo, New York, NY 1997 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Carlton Arms Hotel, New York, NY 1995 Mission Gallery, Tacoma Park, MD 1995 Artist in Our Midst, Washington Gas Windows, Project BRASAS, Washington, DC 1994 (9) Garfinckels Windows, Washington, DC 1992 Olin Art Center Gallery, Washington, PA 1991 MCG Downtown Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 1989 Schuylkill County Arts Center, Pottsville, PA 1988 Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum, Philadelphia, PA 1986 Undercroft Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA Carson Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 1982 Chatham College Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

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Really great work,look forward to seeing more.

cynthia02 How is your day....... I saw your profile at and some thing about you move my intress to comminicate with you so how is life treating you. Please i want you to use this email address to write me back( so that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me ok.stay cool and enjoy your self.kisesssssssssss Yours lovely Cynthia


Love your work very explosive I am happy to meet you.. I recommend that you check out it is a great project trying to create a new artcurrency, I love the concept, and it is not one of those sites trying to profit from artists it was started by an artist and has been running for more than ten years, there is more than 1000 artists worlwide creating artmoney, let me know what you think abouut the idea. Stay creative Best regards Maria


Hi Stevens, ou have been busy...would luv to come to New York!!! hahaha! I luv your newsletter too...see ya soon...smiles from Ozzieland!


Your Invited to NYC for a group exhibition I'm participating in at The Carlton Arms Art Project March 29th - April 29th 2008 195 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY trendy Williamsburg opening reception is March 29th 3-9pm http://www. artbreakgallery. com http://www. artbreakhotel. com The Carlton Arms Art Project is proud to present this collective event where seventy talented artists from different parts of the world are reunited to present their works of art to the New York City Community. From modern to contemporary to urban, from canvas paintings to sculptures and photographs, the common aspect in all of them is their participation in the art project of the famous Carlton Arms Hotel, New York City's "Art Hotel", celebrating this year its' Twenty Fifth anniversary. I created the lust museum almost 20 yaers ago.


Hello. Pleased to visit your page and view your art. Regards, Bud C


You can visit my newletter! feel free to sign up!

abstract4u ( Deleted user )

Hi Stevens: I put a big work in "Works in progress" Two or one, what do you think, Mike


Group Exhibition " LOVE, HOPE and ART with the Miller ?eralta Gallery at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center Opening Reception Fe. 9, 2008 Exhibition continue until March 30, 2008 Pope John Paul II Cutural Center 3900 Harewood Road, NE Washington, DC 200017


Hi Stevens, Just read the article..great stuff and soo many ways..thanks for posting will be interesting to see what sort of comments the community makes...I am sure there are many who make a living of sorts and others who are challenged by the whole thing. From an Ozzie perspective one aspect for me is that it all begins in school...the less academically inclined were pushed into 'arts' which were considered 'less'....the next rung down the ladder did 'art' but it was purely the theory and history of art ...even in university where almost every profession had ' sound business models/practice' as part of the course..fine art was not perceived as business..most artist I know have little understanding of business models and live off finally tuned and varied concepts of the 'starving artist'...right-side of the brain stuff..... I guess I fall into the above altho when I do get my work out there it sells..the 'out there' being the issue...I learned to paint creating finishes on walls etc and only when I had to give it up for physical problems did I take painting on canvas seriously. Previously it had always been my healing sanctuary.....Recently someone has come to me with a proposal to package my work from a philanthropic aspect which is totally new concept for the past it has always been just me..... my work does not fit in to the current investment/marketable gallery profiles..I have always done my own thing, however, the history is that I do an event at huge personal commitment...after which the 'what next' syndrome comes into my experience it is challenging, exciting, satisfying but not very effective in the long run..... I do believe that part of the 'gift' of art is the healing potential so maybe there is a responsibility to make positive contribution to the 'river of life' by also taking responsibility for what we do put out into the world..energetically...My satisfaction comes from many things one of which is the excitement of 'not knowing', watching as 'witness' as each image shows itself in the process...then the communication between image and viewer....the way an image can touch the soul of another...imagery being language of the soul - beyond words...that which we don't know..... LOL rambling again!!!!....I have found it important to 'learn to need less' and continue my art, which is the one place I can be totally always say it as it is , for me that is..getting the 'ego' out of the way......and in a tiny way inspire and reach out to others promoting the beauty in all life, which I believe then multiplies...i.e..what we put into our work the viewer takes away..Oh yeh some. .great books to read...'The Mission of Art' by Alex Grey and 'Drinking Lightening' by Philip Rubinov Jacobson Got me thinking Stevens. How are you doing? I am so humbled by the concept of public murals and there a a few artists here doing them..I believe we have lost much of our connection to the real mission of art, and to share this with the community at large is sooo powerful! let alone involving community in the creation process.......again your work is inspiring as visiting here is..thanks..will check in again...hope the sun shine in your world! xxxxb.


Face The Facts 5 Facts Artists Need To Face To Succeed in Business It's important to note that the title of this article specifically refers to facts related to being successful in business, rather than being successful as an artist. Success is a term that is defined differently by each us. Think about it... what are the things you think you need to accomplish before you consider yourself successful? Believe it or not, there are some artists that couldn't care less about selling their work. Their primary definition of success is to be able to push the limits of their own creativity, leaving their studio with the sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and the enthusiasm to return to another day of work. Others consider success the ability to gain recognition from their peers and eventually be seen as having made a positive contribution, from an art historical point of view. Still other artists, are less interested in this long term historical vision, and find their definition of success is equal to the amount of income they can generate from the sale of their work. Regardless of your definition of success for your work, these are the facts you must face if you want to be successful in the business world and understand how the art market works. As always, it is important to note that there are exceptions to every rule, and I genuinely hope that you will be that 1 in a million exception... but if you are not, you need to be prepared. So, artists brace yourself, here is my cold water splash in your face: 1. You will not get "discovered." Marketing your art is hard work. There are thousands of artists making extraordinary efforts to promote their work each and every day. Waiting for an angel benefactor or hoping for a patron, is just a way of procrastinating. You need to stop making excuses and put a plan into action to deal with the reality of the hard work it takes to get recognized. A minimum of 3 hours of week set aside to do business is essential. 2. You will not find a gallery that "understands your work" and feels as passionately about it as you do. Although many gallerists are passionate about the artists they represent, educated in art history and articulate, the majority are primarily interested in selling art. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if sales is one of your primary goals. But, artists have to stop dreaming about finding the one person out there who can be their "art soul mate" and realize that galleries are in business to sell art, and that is exactly what you are hiring them to do for you. They do not need to understand your work on every level, nor do they have to be emotionally moved by it...what they do have to do, is be convinced that they have the contacts and collectors that will like your work. 3. No matter how original you think your work is, it has been done before. Originality does not define quality, quality defines quality. Regardless of whether or not your work is original, what makes art exceptional is the context in which it was made from an art historical point of view. Study art history, know your influences, and understand that originality and/or technique is only one of many considerations in the determination of what makes art great. 4. Just because your work looks just like Jackson Pollack, (or, fill in the blank) doesn't mean it's as good, or that you can price it the same. The price of your art has very little to do with what it looks like, what it is made out of, or how big it has everything to do with what the market will bear, supply and demand, and your exhibition and sales history. In evaluating how to price your work, you should be looking at other artists in your same career range, and the prices people are willing to pay for YOUR work. That is how you establish a market value. For more on pricing your work, refer to Pricing Your Art. 5. You will not be able to make a living off the sale of your work. Unless....... Sales are great and every artist needs and wants the positive feedback that comes from collectors buying your work. But, assuming that you want to live above the poverty level in the United States, to make a decent living you would need to sell over $150,000 worth of your art to net $75,000 before taxes. That would make your net approximately $50,000 before you deducted any expenses for studio space, art supplies, framing, advertising or promotion. Of course, it is possible. But, if you keep waiting for it to happen without accepting the reality of the odds, you are doing yourself and your work a disservice. If you do the math, being an artist will most likely cost you money no matter how much art you are able to sell! But, do not despair...remember that being an artist is one of the greatest gifts a person can have. You have found something in your life that you are passionate about and something you love to do. You are leaving a legacy and giving of yourself each time you complete a piece of art. Sit back and relish in the joy that your art making gives you and accept the fact that succeeding in the business world has no part in defining your success as an artist. Reprinted from Slyvia White's Newsletter (Art Consultant)

Ted ( Deleted user )

Hi Stevens...stopped by to get another treat of your beautiful art...have a great day,ted

abstract4u ( Deleted user )

It's always a pleasure viewing your work! Thanks for stopping by, Mike


You work is very powerful and full of color! The energy and rhythm of your work is very dominate and very pleasing to the eye. You are a very talented artist, please let me know when you have new work!


Hey there Stevens thanks for the comment,I'm glad to hear that you like my work.ABout your work all I can say...Colors colors colors!!!Love it!Glad to have You as a friend Rosi


Hi Stevens, I am having a brilliant time of transition! no holidays etc...per se but the creation of a connected year new beginnings...succor for the soul! I love re inventing..being in the unknown and challenging my limitations...not always effective I nw have an opportunity to put my work 'out there' in a new way..have rented a tiny cottage on the main st. of a major tourist surfing town, Torquay..The energy of being a few steps from the ocean is really unexpected..there is a vibrancy about life that I haven't experienced for a long time.....the mind is an amazing thing and I see mine tripping me up constantly.[ref your quote!!!]..there is immediacy and peace in painting process and I 'feel' that a new era of 'dreaming' is comin my way....guess I just have to let it in!!!!haha! ooo but to answer your questions...because of the move et al, Christmas was but a day in Melbourne with friends and family, always nice, although I don't get into the christmas thing....then back to sort my nest. even since being here nearly 3 weeks have changed my concep so will be repainting etc over the next month..then I will post some even put up some before shots...very simple space..want it to be more like a meeting place rather than a gallery.......sorry all a bit out of context....will fill in the gaps are you doing? what creative pursuits do you have coming up? keep in always luv your work and your concepts..what I see that is!..xxkeep creative and happy painting in 2008...XXX b.


i luv ur "rhythmic" use of color.....very nicely executed, beautiful compositions that reak of music.....excellent work!

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Thanks Stevens! I sense a great year coming up. ~Marianne

abstract4u ( Deleted user )

Hey Stevens Happy New Year! Did you find that book and if you did, what do you think? Talk about fears and inhibitions. The primitive mind operating in the 21st century, I see that, LOL! Wishing you the best 08! Mike