TheChazJaz In order to enjoy the light, one must understand what lurks in darkness.

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Hometown: Fontana, CA
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BiographyThe work here is from work as old as 20 years, and was scanned from film, as well as more recent digital art. I post it all without shame, so that I can chronicle & see my own growth and development. Los Angeles native who has traveled the northern half of the globe. I am a multimedia artst who features photography, music and videography in my work. I changed my photo to a more conventional image, though I prefer having my work being seen or experienced than myself. A tendency towards aloofness contradicts my sometimes overwhelming and enthousiastic 'gregarious personality' I have been told. I am very much an optimist at heart, but see the world through the eyes of a realist. My work tends towards impressionisim... I am told I appear'physically imposing' or unapproachable while I work, but can be very charming once we know each other in a more natural and relaxed environment.
InterestsOne of the few people I have partnered with is Dr. Willie Mitchell of Anti-Self Destrction, Inc. We teach young people 14-21 years of age from the inner-city of Los Angeles how to produce, direct, film, edit and do research for video pieces for public broadcast. I also work with Patrick Gandy on a number of different projects, one of which is called 'The Silence Is Broken' that is an effort to make people more aware of not just the HIV/AIDS crisis facing the world, but crises in general. Patrick wrote the song 'The Silence Is Broken' and together we produced the music video that is on the site. You can see some of our documentary work at You may also see the music video there by clicking in the upper right corner.
MusicI did some 'time' at Unversity of North Texas School of Jazz as a saxophone major. I listen to a very wide and eclectic assortment of music, from classical, jazz and rock to experimental, deep house, trance and world music. I spend time listening to the music that comes through to me from that ethereal world of dreams, working to translate what I hear as best I can with the skills and tools that I have...
FilmsI am an aspiring film-maker and have been in production of some documentaries I will try to give links to as they become available. I enjoy movies from silent movies to Quinton Tarantino 'experiences.' My favorite western is 'Once Upon a Time in the West' by Sergio Leone. It was the only film where Henry Fonda played a villian (and a really mean one too!). 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' with music by Bernard Herrmann is one of my favorite Sci Fi films, even though by todays standards it is very low tech and maybe a little cheesy. I love the visual splendour of the more recent Chinese martial arts films in the vein of 'Crouching Tiger...'
TelevisionThe History Channel, National Geographic, etc. I enjoy the Sci Fi channel, cartoons (old MGM, Warner especially) House, Boston Legal. Soon, some of the content I am creating will make its way on to television in the near future.
BooksFinal Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Native Instruments and any new and Photoshop. Some poetry, self-help/self-awareness/improvement books and an assorment of books on various theological topics. I read LOTS of humor, too...
HeroesMy parents are my heroes for persersevering and surviving the adventure of raising six kids. My fellow veterans and service men and women in service to their country who sacrifice the most and have the least to gain. There are lots of other heroes, too, who do little things every day that help make this world a better place and get very little or no recognition, maybe even YOU...

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Lime ( Deleted user )

Wonderfful ART Work TheChazJaz.

jh ( Deleted user )

Thank you TheChazJaz, great work, regards.


Hi.....great work man.....fabulous. Regards! Nando Martins

hyperetic ( Deleted user )

Been awhile Chaz. Dropped by to share that I got my first real photography gig. I freelance for a local newspaper. Still no nudes yet but I am working my way there.


join my network: for creative people check it out


Came across your page while exploring the very fine art on this website. Very nice work. Drop by my page for a visit if you get a chance. Regards, Bud


Wow, what a great collection. You have a real talent in so many areas. Love what you are producing. Margaret, Artist at Work,


Hello Chaz, I like your work, very striking, good luck, Chris.


very interesting history, very interesting work...


Mira! Mira! 'A Week Before Ives', so tender happy poignant, brings my heart to my eyes. Beautiful beautiful. You do so much good for this mean 'ol world, Papa, and I thank you muchly.

LOZMAR ( Deleted user )

wow! i love your architecture shots...brilliant!

theo ( Deleted user )

hey Chaz....footbridge is outstanding..theo


Hi Chaz love 'Long Beach, CA, World Trade Center 02'. Would make a lovely absract painting. Still I think because it's so well taken it deserves to be left as it is. You re still the master photographer ;-)


Hello, Chaz, It's good to see you back here. I've missed you. Best regards, Robbie.

hyperetic ( Deleted user )

The cover designs are dynamic and have a great compositional merit.


Thanks, i will keep you up to dated, bye


Mugu35 thats the one!

stylllyfe ( Deleted user )

Like your work, I lived in Venice for 20 years until 1987, do you ever get there?


Wow. Your photos are amazing. I am not very educated in photography, but yours are really intriguing. I love love the first fetish picture you ever made, I am sorry but I have forgotten the name. I now reside in Seattle, however, we used to be neighbors, I lived in Claremont CA, and showed a few times down in Pomona.


hi Chaz - took your advice - and when my photographer neighbour got back from the world cup cricket we went around the back, in the shade, and took pics of another 50 paintings. Haven't posted them all as I'm working on my first solo exhibition 'the gathering' in early August - but some up on my page - in all the galleries - check them out - take care - vaun