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Age: 75
Hometown: Cocoa Beach, FL
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The MUSEUM Artist Series jGibney Hibiscus Photo Art Cocoa Beach, FL 2004 Giclee on Canvas Window Shade Art or Wall Hanging Art 52" x 67"

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Education College graduate
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BiographyA Note about jGibney and Photoart by jGibney As a self-taught Photoartist it has been an uphill battle for me in the adventure of creativity and theworld of art. My creative mentor, who had started an art theater called "Experiment 6," committed suicide. Still, going forward and obtaining a BA degree in Humanities at the University of South Florida in 1969 with an interest in playwriting and cinema, it was almost impossible to get recognition. (continued below)
InterestsConvincing the Department Head of Humanities that a course on playwriting should be offered, I was able to get enough students interest for the class to be presented. Everyone wanted to make movies. So, out I go and obtain a 16mm cinema camera. No one really wanted to make movies. When my witting professor heard that I had a camera, he got a roll of Tri-Xfilm from the ABC affiliate TV station Channel 10.Not even knowing how to put the film in the camera, I got a friend that worked at another TV station to show me. Camera loaded, around the university I went, filming. At the end of the day I turned the film over to the professor. Later, that evening, I got a call to watch the local ABC News Show. And there it was the first footage I had ever shot was on the news. My friend heard about this. Told his station manager and I get a call. They wanted to know if I would shot TV commercials for them.(continued below) Nature is Beautiful; Art captures the Soul.
MusicSo I did. Later, while working at a law firm in Tampa,the firm needed a photographer to take pictures of accidents. So, I got a camera and I did. People asked me to do their wedding pictures. People asked me to do their portraits. People asked me to do videos. So, I did, but not enough to make a living. Now, let's get to the artist side of photoartist. At the university most of the professors had never seen an Impressionists painting, even though I had. I had been to Europe while in the Army. For one of my classes, we had to do an art project on Impressionism So, off I went to the art store. With oils and canvas, out I went to paint the Hillsborough dam.Submitting my open air painting, I received a B as credit, while another student received an A for doing part of a Seurat (a pointillist painter) picture. Needless to say I was not happy. So, for a long time I would not show my paintings, hiding them or giving them away.(continued below) All
FilmsI've always enjoyed art. Thus, I have visited many of the world's great art museums. Always thinking, I can do that. I've done as good as, maybe better. I believe that an art piece should make you stop, look and a long time after, think.What is Photo Art. Photo Art is a term or technique that I used several years ago to describe a method of photographing a subject, printing it and then painting part or all of it to enhance the subject. Each piece of Photo Art is unique and different.Although, the subject may be the same, no two are alike, due to the printing and painting by the artist. Gibs Photo Art is produced from a Gibney that is a reproduction of an original. It has been signed and dated by the photoartist. (continued below) Studied Film Witting and Humanities Photoartist, Artist, Photographer and Cinematographer
TelevisionThe Gibney and the Photo Art piece often look similar, but the Photo Art has been enhanced. Often, times this makes the Photo Art more intense. Photo Art is the future of art and art reproductions. If you collect, now is the time to get in on the ground floor. Welcome! If you are looking for photo art or photographs of flowers, animals, mountains, deserts, people, buildings, in unique places and in unique countries; then you have come to the right place! We have hundreds of thousands of images available. Made TV commercials for several TV stations in Florida Watch TV? Who has time.
BooksWorking on my own; Heaven's Mandate about the First Emperor of China; in a new style called three-dimensional form witting.
HeroesBern Laxer of Bern Steak House in Tampa, Florida. He has passed.

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thank you for your message. i'm fine and back in florida

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Good ART Work.


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


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Hi, welcome to the site. Thanx so very much for the add on. Nice work you got here. looking forward to see more. Hv a good creative day. monika


I just loaded on more photos from my recent vacation. Feel free to check out my "My favorite Photos" gallery. The other gallery is full of inspiration artwork called "Gallery Tour". Your artwork is beautiful and calming for the soul.


Hi, welcome to the site, wonderful vivid work! Blumoon


Your image of the sailboat on the beach looks like somewhere I've been. Nice shot. Deborah


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