Waabshki-Migizi-Kwe I'd rather be loathed for who I am, than loved for who I am not!

Age: 53
Hometown: Georgina Island
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Walking In Spirit

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Marital Status Single
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Drinker No
Education Self Taught
Children Proud parent

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BiographyI am both Ojibwe and English/German. I am self-taught and began drawing in 1977. I progressed to pastels and to combining Aboriginal people with the Spirit Animal I see walking with that individual. At the beginning of my healing journey, in 98, I received my Anishinaabe Spirit name which is Waabshki-Migizi-Kwe, which in Ojibwe means White Eagle Woman. After a years of absence from creating, I realized that this great gift from the Creator is not to be wasted, and to teach through my artwork. I also picked up the paint brush and created my first Oil painting in 2007 and will continue to work in Oils, some Acrylics. Today, I plan to expand my art career through airbrushing, my Father bought me an airbrush set before his sudden death... Please feel free to look me up on Facebook to learn more about me, I love to meet new people, and want to expand my circle of friends... Chi-Miigwech! (Thankyou very much!)
InterestsPainting, Sweatlodge Ceremonies, Health and Fitness. Healing and expanding communications through Facebook
MusicPow Wow Music, Positive Affirmations, and Blues
FilmsThe Secret, Last of the Dogmen, It's a Wonderful Life, Smoke Signals, Thunder Heart, The Last Mimzy, The Peacefull Warrior and Harvey
TelevisionSomething interesting I can learn from but I don't watch too much.
BooksPanther in the sky - James Alexander Thom, The Pleiadian Agenda - Barbara Hand Clow, Conversations With God - Neile Donald Walshe
HeroesRobert Bateman for inspiring my first drawing. Tecumseh for his will and passion for his people. My Mother for her undying love and strength. My Father for his wisdom and willingness to learn. My Cousin, Mardy Lucier-Porte for taking my hand and leading me in the right direction.


I have most of my Artwork at my home on Georgina Island. On lake simcoe Ontario.. Feel free to contact me at e_winter_critter@hotmail.com to arrange for a visit, if you'd like to see them in person, I do have prints of my latest 2 available for sale... love to meet you! Love and light friends...

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The years are passing so quickly now. This life is just a dream for me, but I want you to know I have thought of you and wish you Godspeed in all you do, Robbie.


love your brave an paint,


Fantastic art work!


Thankyou all for your time to look at my work, and your lovely comments, and compliments! I have been led away from my Art work for some time now, but I am picking up my paint brush once again... I am also on facebook now, if any of you wish to find me there... All the best, Erna


Amazing work,really beautiful.

Lime ( Deleted user )

Beautiful Your Work Waabshki.


Hello, it has been so long since I visited your gallery. There is so much to do that I regret not spending enough time here to communicate. I just want you to know that I've been thinking of you and wishing you the best o life. Love, Robbie.


O Siyo sister. I am Chickamauga Cherokee, White River Sac River band. I appreciate you work. Love the eagle with medicine wheel. ~Many blessings

paris ( Deleted user )

hello im shurie lucier and im mardy's cousin and the daughter of clint lucier...i only signed up on here to contact u so please e-mail me back at superstar__519@hotmail.com i would really love to talk and just so u know im 10...love:Shurie


I've been on this site for several months now and appreciate all the very fine art I see. Bud


Hello , just checking out your wonderful images ....i adore your gallery Spirits in colour .....keep up the good work ! regards brischit


I just finished a new piece tonight, tell me what you think. It's called "Gospel Goddess"


Sorry to all who have posted a message with no reply!!! I've been going through quite an ordeal over the past 2 months... moving, and now going through a separation... please forgive me, I'll be back regularily very soon, I promise! My love to you all! White Eagle Woman


Hello, Dear, I just want you to know that I've visited your profile once more. My kindest thoughts and best wishes go to you. Robbie.


How truly gifted you are :)

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Waabshik-Migizi-Kwe, Just dropping in to say hello. I finally started reading "Panther in The Sky", I had purchased a copy after seeing it in your bio. Wonderful book. Let me know when you add more work. I added a few new pieces since you visited my site last. "Fire Dance" and "Anna". Please stop by. ~Marianne


I so enjoyed visiting page, today, Waabshki-Migizi-Kwe. Beautiful work from a beautiful Spirit.

theo ( Deleted user )

wonderful work..thanks ted


Your work is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with all of us! Best Wishes, Deborah

Phillipe_Doan ( Deleted user )

Love your Indigenist aesthetic contribution to humanity. God Bless...