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Lime ( Deleted user )

Wonderful ART WickedMoon.


Hi BON, thanks for the great comments. I really love the deep tones in BATS & BLUE ROSES. Not to sound like a perv, but you should try illustrating the cute scarry blue chick, PLUS.... The scarry little red chick TOGETHER (on a GRAVE in a cemetary)Would be sexy and creepy-cute in a true horror fans fantasy.Just a Idea? If you like my art, maybe you'd like my original music. Check out our 3 songs from our upcoming debut album VICIOUS FISHES. I sing and write all lyrics in the rock band POOL OF PIRANHAS. Let me know what you think about the music...OH...and the double trouble graveyard painting Idea???? www.myspace.com/popiranhas Thanks BONNIE................ROCK ON, BLADE.

Intrepidarts ( Deleted user )

Is that not what art is all about simple yet presice


Love them are they your design?? would make great tattoos! nets


Hi Love your style of art especially Ruby, brilliant colours.Laurez.

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi! Listen, I have about 6 months to prepare for my first solo show, and I was hoping you could assist me. I will need to have at least 30 paintings to display. If you could, with as much honesty as possible, please name 2 of my completed pieces that you feel I should definitely show. Also, please share 3 things with me, based on my current work, (remember be honest), that you would recommend to me for improving my art in general. I am fine if you post this on my public board because it may be interesting to others. The feedback from other artist on this website is very valuable to me. Thanks! ~Marianne


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


Just checking out your site again. RK


Awesome style.All the subjects are cute and sweet...with a sense that they could bite at any given moment.Your style is commercial enough to be sold at SPENCERS or HOT TOPIC gift stores.CHAA-CHING!$$$$ Ever thought about selling your work on tee shirts or tote bags???Love the darker images...the dark blue, gray , black, & white....really work well together.I could really see a whole line of dolls or figures.....great stuff.You got a goldmine there.........ROCK ON,BLADE.

Intrepidarts ( Deleted user )

Thats What It All About You Find You Line You Conquer And You Press A Button To Capture Something Memorable That others Will Hopefully Enjoy!! Simple Yet Time Consuming And The Focuse Of The Minds Eye Travelling Through The Lense


Hi Bonnie, Thanks for the kind comments about my art! Yeah its rare to see people who draw similar stuff to us on here and I like this site since it has a lot of different things to what I see on the other art sites I am a member of. I have to say one of my favourite pieces of your work is "Bats and Blue Roses"


just a hello


wow! love your collection of sea girls,great imagination and design love the execution of the ilustracion very talented . thank you for the comment. sorry for delay I'm recovering from knee surgery. CG


Hello Bonnie, thank you for your kind words, my daughter and I also sculpt in polymer clay, if you have a spare moment you may like to take a look at our web site. www.thesilverlodge.co.uk would love to see some of yours when you are ready. Blumoon


All your girls are amazing, love your style. Thanks Jose


Hi, welcome to this website. Everyone is helpful and friendly. I love your fantasy paintings, very beautiful and well done. Visit my site when you get a chance.


Hi, don't forget to email your friends about your new My Art Profile URL! Send them a link to your new page http://www.myartprofile.com/WickedMoonArt.


Thank you Bonnie


love as darkness falls !

hyperetic ( Deleted user )

Thanks. You too. Your work is very fanciful. Where did the inspiration to do the various mermaids come from?