About MyArtProfile

MyArtProfile is a Free website dedicated to Artists and Art appreciators that lets them meet friends and display their works. MyArtProfile is developed with Artists in mind and therefore if Artists wish to buy, sell or swap Art, Myartprofile charges ZERO Commission.

Create a private community on MyArtProfile and you can share Art, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends!

See who knows whom, or how you are connected.

MyArtProfile is for Artists and Art appreciators alike:
  • Artists who want to display freely their works to others
  • Artists who simply want to connect with other Artists
  • Business people and co-workers interested in networking
  • Classmates and study partners
  • Anyone looking for long lost friends!

We are a new site, developing new features as fast as we can. If you have suggestions or comments, please mail them to: support@myartprofile.com

How Do I Use Myartprofile?
  1. First, Sign Up and Create a Profile (Your Profile is Your Space on the Web, where you can describe yourself, hobbies and interests. You can even upload pics and write journals.)
  2. Second, Invite your Friends to join Your Personal Network. OR, Search the site for your Friends who are already Members of Myartprofile.
  3. Third, View the Connections you Create between Your Friend and Their Friends.