artmark5 Human need: to conform to the physical surroundings by altering our form

Age: 267
Hometown: Seattle
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Marital Status In a Relationship
Smoker No
Drinker Yes
Education College graduate

Interests and Personality

BiographyMARKART5 WORK: My work is latent with enigma, unintentional in purpose. The canonic vision of expression and the contained language therein is open for interaction. With obsession, discipline, and a search for extended meaning, each brush stroke is purposed to carve out something that helps us feel what we, in ourselves is real.
InterestsWestern Philosophy, Social Psychology, Music (Classical - Modern experimental forms), collecting rare books and adding to my library of source material for the Arts.
BooksMy WORK: In the "Large Structure" series, elemental social phenomena, (particularly located in America) regarding obsession and want for large objects: SUV auto, big screen TV's, massive quantities of food, large breasts, butts, and as he believes - a desire for massive bodies " a wish to be like buildings", and "to be noticed in current society mandates the ability to cause effects, meaning: to have people move out of your way, mobility carts at stores, medical specialty needs, extender belts in aircrafts, trained care givers, diet fads and books that supplant the illusion that largeness is unwanted, which propels guilt, covering up the real deal; to be like structures with feet is the new social bond, creating a feeling of community."In addition, the acceptance of toxic excretion from poor food, drugs, and over eating is now acceptable. This wanting of bile, stench, and irrational thriving is regressive and yet addictive in modern times.
HeroesIn all empathy, sympathy and disgust, I am building up from buried elements - new painting. It is with this recognition, public consumption will carry the narrative beyond the initial painting image, now a chain of feelings.


SOLO EXHIBITION: Future Gallery Show: 2008 July 3rd Blank Space Gallery 619 Western Ave 2nd floor North Seattle WA 98104 SOLO EXHIBITIONS: ~ 2005 Golden Shoe Gallery Seattle, WA ~ 2004 Elisabeth/Murry Gallery Seattle, WA GROUP EXHIBITIONS: ~ 2008 Three Ply Art Action: WA State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, H.E.R.O., American wind Association Seattle WA Canvas Gallery ~ 2008 The Art Monastery of Italy group auction - nonprofit ~ 2008 "implication of weight" Canvas an art gallery 617 Western Ave. Seattle, Wa 98104 206.381.0969 ~ 2007 "New Works in the Abstract" Forgotten Works Gallery Seattle, WA ~ 2005 Golden Shoe Gallery Seattle, WA ~ 2005 Blass Gallery Seattle WA (Capital Hill) ~ 2005 Modern Villa Gallery Canon Beach, OR Painting sold by Nate Beaty * special note upon request ~ 2004 Golden Shoe Gallery Seattle, WA ~ 2003 Consolidated Works (Painting group special exhibition) PUBLICATIONS: JAMES JUSTIN BROWN - New Works 2004 - 2007 "forward by MarkArt5" LECTURES: ARTIST ROUND TABLE - Creator and leader of the A.R.T. meetings held between March of 2007 - January 2008. Group was formed for Artists and will resume later this year in the Seattle area. The Artwork contained in this website is the sole property of MarkArt5. Copyright © 2008. All right reserved.

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