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Age: 46
Hometown: Wellington
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The Scales Fall - A Truth Emerges

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BiographyBorn youngest of eleven children...yes yes my parents were Catholic. Squilions of brothers so to rebel was to be into the arts. Discovered fine arts, which got me through many years of illness. Totally healthy now and living my dream. I attend "The learning connexion" which is a fine arts school. Always draw people or animals that have heaps of personality. I am one of those people that thoroughly enjoys being with people and thinking about the complexities of life on our planet. Also learning to loosen up and just have fun with my art to. Hope you enjoy my galleries and all feedback is welcome. a
InterestsArt, Art and more art. Doing it. Seeing it . Reading about it. Talking about it. After that, anything to do with water I love ..whether its a swim in the tingly ocean or a long hot shower with smellies. Reading and most of all being with people, especially my honeys.
MusicFat Freddies drop and other New Zealand bands Cow boy music Ambient music Opera Classical
FilmsThe Piano...Jane Campion Vigil ..... Vincent Ward Moulin Rouge Short Bus Borat
TelevisionOutrageous Fortune Shortland St Distraction Balls of steal.
BooksAt the moment i am reading or rather having read to me by my wife ...Maya Angelous Auto biographys... Gods Call girl by Carla Van Raay
HeroesDarcy Nicols Frida Kahlo Georgia O'Keefe Gretchen Albrect Robyn Kahukiwa The New Zealand artists who produced Black Carnival

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Hi b_fre, like your Work in Progress 4, is really lovely painting....


((rosedesmond25real@yahoo.com)) How are you today? I hope you are fine. My name is Miss Rose Desmond. I am single looking for honest and nice person. Somebody who i can make friend with. today i saw your profile at www.myartprofile.com and became interested in you. I don't care about your color, ethnicity, Status or Sex. Upon your reply to this mail I will tell you more about myself and send you more of my picture. I'm sending you this beautiful mail, with a wish for much happiness.this is my email (rosedesmond25real@yahoo.com) I am looking forward to hear from you.please contact me directly to my box i have more to tell u there.. Warm regards, Miss Rose.


Your work is really fun to look at! I love all the color and movement in your pieces!

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

I got both your message on my board and the private message. Thank you very much for the compliments. Wow, 11 children. I grew up #5 of 6 and my husband is #3 or 8. Now we have only 1 child and that seems fitting for us. Challenging times are always opportunities for growth, and I'm sending both you and your family many positive thoughts. ~Marianne

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Just stopping in to say hello. I see your mother was not well. How are things going? :( I hope better.

Ted ( Deleted user )

Hey Frida....im leaving map today and wanted to wish you the best.I loved our conversations and i especially loved your artwork.I have been praying for your mom....God bless you sweetheart....my email address is artbytheo@hotmail.com....drop me a line every now and then..love always ted

Ted ( Deleted user )

Hi sweet Frida....i just returned from a wonderful weekend in the Mississippi forest and I did a painting in honor of your Mom.It is under new art titled weekend with laurie..while taking in the beautiful nature,i thought about you and your mom.Love and peace Frida....i could mail it to you if you wish..take care your friend ted


A note to all my friends. I'm heading to the US, first week in February to work up and around Utah, Idaho and Wyoming for 3 mths so I'll most likely be away from here unless I can get online. It's pretty exciting and I hope to gather loads of new material and inspiration for future artwork. Cheers to all for your encouraging comments on my paintings, past, present and future. See yall soon. Dianne

Ted ( Deleted user )

Lighting candles and burning incense with soft enya music in the bkg for you for your mom for me and for the universe..peace and love to you oh beautiful frida spirit!!!

Ted ( Deleted user )

Hi sweetheart...you and i alone on map tonite...cool!!!its 137 am here in new orleans.....cant sleep....glad you had so much fun....i know what you mean about the catholic church..i dont go to mass much but i do drop in for a personal encounter when the church is empty...i feel i can get closer to God this way...i am a rebel and hate conformity etc. always been that way.What I do sweetie is I meditate often and have developed a way to come in contact with my higher self this way....i get to a beautiful loving dimension in my meditation which makes me feel in total bliss with my self my creator and my life.I too always doubt the many cults and religions out there,what i try to do is take bits and parts of each to satisfy my understanding of this life on this beautiful planet.I do have a strong faith in Jesus and I always will.He is my rock.I try my best to help people in any small way i can,to project love and light to as many people i meet on this journey...the good energy that builds up in my heart verifies my existence and i try not to worry about putting the parts of the life puzzle together....what a miracle life is..just amazing...its hard enough to imagine that we are spinning around on a ball in this massive universe..so i take each moment,good or bad and try my best to learn from them..i feel we are all so devinely connected and that what really counts is our struggle to be good to be pure to be loving,to live the good life for each other and i leave the bigger picture to our creator.My birthday is Sunday the 27th and i will celebrate it in the cabin on the lake in the pine forest..i will give thanks to my mom and dad for conceiving me thru their love for each other..without their loving energy i would not be here right now talking to you...you are my gift and i am your gift...love you sweet lady...keep painting your beautiful art ..another wonderful gift to the world.I will try to get some more rest and hopefully will have nice dreams.will talk to you soon,love ted

Ted ( Deleted user )

Hi Sweet Frida...So happy to her your mom isopening her heart...whats strange is that my dad died of lung cancer 6 years ago and he was a bitter man also,I left my job temporarily in the islands to take care of him until he died 4 months later...we never got alonh,he hated my free spirit..but in those 4 months we bonded as father and son in the most beautiful ways.I will never forget the magic of those days we had together.I just got off work and will be checking on my friend after i get some sleep.He had surgery yesterday and I couldnt be there but will this weekend.Please give my best to your partners..sounds like a great place along that river.Next week an old girlfriend of mine is taking me to my favorite place,a cabin on a beautful lake in the pine forest of Mississippi.I've been there 50 times over the years but only once in the last 3 years.I will paint,listen to music,take the boat out in the lake,meditate,build campfires...going to be wonderful time.thanks for your kind words on my art..i will upload the lake and cabin painting for you tooo see when i return.love and peace my sweet friend,ted


heard via the grapevine...sending prayers your way. Also great excitement about school! Look forward to seeing the wearables. Your new work is really compelling...windows open.

Ted ( Deleted user )

I just retired from nuclear medicine after 34 years and I can tell you that miracles are taking place in the treatment of cancer and I hope that your mopm gets the best of care.It is so strange that you mention it,my best friend is having surgery for mouth cancer as we speak.I will be his caregiver till he recovers.He is a great Artist who inspired me to lift the brush 10 years ago.So good to see you back .I am lighting candles right now for your mom and Charlie.love, ted

Ted ( Deleted user )

So god to hear from you sweetie...i missed you..i come by to look at your beautiful art all the time.I will pray for your mom and wish the best for her outcome.I

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Happy New Year Frida! Be creative, be happy! Life is good. ~Marianne


great work


best wishes g