ceeforina In a previous life I went for a stroll, accompanied by my seventeen cats....

Age: 56
Hometown: London
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Moonlit Walk

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Marital Status Married
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Education College graduate
Children Proud parent

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BiographyA Londoner who hates London ! Graduate of Canterbury College of Art & Design( work held in archives as a maker of student excellence). Painter in watercolours and maker of Fin de Siecle papier mache jewellery ! Worked in a major museum of fine arts for a very long time,which was inspirational as far as my work was concerned but not good for my bank balance or stress levels ! Have exhibited paintings in Canterbury Cathedral, The Baltic Exchange and The Friends Room at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Recent exhibitions include Burgh House,Hampstead, The Phoenix Cinema, East Finchley and The Waiting Room, Palmers Green. In 2006 was chosen to take part in The Wombrose Project - a worldwide artists project to design a virtual stained glass window.
InterestsAntiquarian books and incunabula, Edwardian postcards and ceramics by the Martin Brothers. A member of The Ghost Club of Great Britain since 1999. And...as a feminist of long standing,I'm a little ashamed to admit a facination with Ripperania !
MusicErik Sati and Mozart ( esp. his Requiem - just got a fantastic, almost demonic Russian recording dating from 1951 - wow ! My current favourite CD is just a recording of birdsong !
FilmsA Canterbury Tale ( 1941 ) A Matter of Life and Death Sleepy Hollow Alien
TelevisionHum ... TV is very disapointing at the moment...too much so called 'reality' junk... there was Blakes 7, of course..and anyone remember a 1970s childrens serial called' 'Children of the Stones ?
BooksAnything supernatural pre- 1930ish - especially anything by MR James, EF Benson or Arthur Machen. The Father Brown stories by GK Chesterton. Any of the Lord Peter Wimsey stories by Dorthy L. Sayers.
HeroesLord Peter Wimsey / Paula Rego / Sherlock Holmes

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Lime ( Deleted user )

Nice work ceeforina.


Beautiful fluid works! I'd love to see your jewelry too!


Enjoy my videos---- www.youtube.com/Mamtani

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Ceefornia, lovely work. I really like "The Flint Knife". It emanates mystery.


Hello Ceeforina, wonderful watercolours, I really like your paintings, best wishes - ranjan


The neurology obessin comes from- I majored in psychology in college. I realised that psychology is pretty much pure BS and Neurology is where the real answers are. Structure and function of the brain is really amazing. Read Oliver Sach's book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. Truely fascinating. BTW my son has Tourette's and Asperger's. The painting of the brain surgery is based on a highly controversial surgery for Tourette's.


Have a Happy Mother's Day!




ceeforina, I like your illustrative style,and your bio is interesting as well.I have a cd of bird song that I love .regards lenke


Your works bepeak of romanc and mystery with a touch of witchcraft. I find it fascinating. Best regards, Robbie.


Hi Cee, Your drawings and even your abstracted watercolor scenes all have a physical presence which is very good. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Moonsman_78


You saw sometime ENAMEL MOSAIC? I shall be glad it to show and hear your response. Andrey.


Thanks, Ceeforina . . Happy Easter too! We opted to just enjoy the peace here at home left by all those who decided to go elsewhere or to the nearby beaches. Cheers ~~~


In this life you have chosen to be master artist...

Lockwood ( Deleted user )

Forgive my massive typo-frenzy on Don 'Rumbelow'... :-s

Lockwood ( Deleted user )

Hi - Don Runbleow is a legend, and a lovely guy by all accounts. But I took my long-suffering friends on a Ripper tour of my own devising. I even printed them all an accompanying booklet. We saw all the murder sites, Goulston Street, the site of the most reliable-seeming sighting of the Ripper took place, as well as the most eerie murder site in the East End - Pinchin Street, site of the Pinchin Street Torso Murder, as a bonus. Needless to say, they were all frozen and murder-tired by the end of the night, and my enthusiasm seemed to annoy them more and more! I loved it though, hehe. Have a good Easter and a good weekend :)


Hi Ceeforina, enjoyed viewing your sketches and watercolors, such talent you have. I stayed for a while in Middlesex and Hayes. I prefer to be here in the Tropics back home where it's warm. Take care, tnx4sharin' your art ~~~

Lockwood ( Deleted user )

Hi there - your 1951 Requiem - is it the Golovanov by any chance? And if so, would you recommend it? It's a piece that gets dragged to death by so many conductors - for which reason my personal favourite recording is the Aldeburgh performance by Britten, in which he conducts as though his life depended on it, the soloists oversing magnificently, and the general effect is of a kind of demonic hysteria. **** I took my friends on a Ripper tour as my birthday treat a couple of years ago. I lived near Whitechapel and had been reading about the murders since I was a teenager. I can't seem to shake it off! Anyway, just thought I'd say hi.

Makepeace ( Deleted user )

Hi there, beautiful gallery! From an ex-Londoner x