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BiographyPLEASE ALSO SEE ~ ........................... I was born in San Francisco on August 19, 1951. I lived in San Francisco until 1999. I then moved to Los Angeles, CA, where I live currently. I like to believe that I have not lost the idealism and fascination with life which I have seen die in the hearts and minds of so many of my contemporaries. I also believe that throughout the years my soul has been saved by my art. Through my art I have been able to maintain an important balance. The creation of art has helped me gain a certain amount of pride and sense of specialness. It is important to feel special. In some way we all are. When you forget that, or take for granted that you are not, you begin to lose the game of life.
InterestsWhen I was young I thought that I would die young. I hoped that I would die young. Now, I want to live forever because I feel the reality of death. I hope that technology will be able to augment my existence so that I might never die. Better a living brain in a jar than death. I would prefer my dreams to nothingness. I would like to live indefinitely, choosing the time and place of my death. I would like to perfect who I am until I grew weary of my life, and choose to end it. Though I believe this will all soon become possible, I think I may have been born too soon to benefit from the science that will come to make it happen. That science that may make immortals of us all is coming. It may actually be an evolutionary step for mankind.
MusicWhat do you see in my artwork? It's my hope that it will touch you in a profound way. I hope that it will carry you to a place somewhere near where it takes me. Another world. At least, a short respite from this one. Categorization of my art, by trying to profile it as a 'TYPE' , is not the point. My art is many things. It's whimsical. It's raw. It's intelligent. It's stupid. It's self-serving. It's optimistic. It's loyal, friendly, brave, courageous, strong and ludicrous. It's the diary of my life. My drawings and my paintings are my children. It's my mark on the fire-hydrant of life. The only thing that might survive my flesh. It is a story about me. It's honest, (as honest as I can be), and it's also full of little lies; Lies I tell others, and lies I tell myself.


ONE MAN EXHIBITIONS One Man Exhibition: SQUIDS GALLERY, San Francisco - 1/9/1984 - 2/8/1984 One Man Exhibition: FORCE NORDSTROM GALLERY, San Francisco - 6/23/1989 - 7/15/1989 One Man Exhibition: ARTLIC GALLERY, San Francisco - 10/16/1989 - 11/29/1989 One Man Exhibition: FORCE NORDSTROM GALLERY, San Francisco - 12/2/1989 - 1/2/1990 One Man Exhibition: ARTLIC GALLERY, San Francisco - 12/20/1990 - 1/14/1991 One Man Exhibition: LE PETIT FOUR, Hollywood - 7/30/1990 - 8/30/1990 One Man Exhibition: ARTLIC GALLERY, San Francisco - 5/1/1991 - 6/1/1991 One Man Exhibition: EVANS & LAWRENCE SHOW SPACE, Emeryville - 3/20/1991 - 4/19/1991 One Man Exhibition: ARTLIC GALLERY, San Francisco - 12/20/1991 - 1/14/1992 One Man Exhibition: FORCE NORDSTROM GALLERY, San Francisco - 9/5/1991 - 9/24/1992 One Man Exhibition: RITA DEAN GALLERY, San DIEGO - 3/10/1993 - 3/30/1993 One Man Exhibition: ARTLIC GALLERY, San Francisco - 12/19/1993 - 1/14/1994 One Man Exhibition: RITA DEAN GALLERY, San DIEGO - 5/10/1994 - 5/28/1994 One Man Exhibition: VMAXIMUS GALLERY, San Francisco - 12/31/1994 - 1/31/1995 One Man Exhibition: VMAXIMUS GALLERY, San Francisco - 5/1/1995 - 6/1/1995 One Man Exhibition: VMAXIMUS GALLERY, San Francisco - 11/1/1995 - 12/1/1995 One Man Exhibition: VMAXIMUS GALLERY, San Francisco - 6/1/1996 - 7/1/1996 GROUP SHOWS Group Show Participation: LA LUZ DE JESUS GALLERY Los Angeles - 3/2/1990 - 3/29/1990 Group Show Participation: LA LUZ DE JESUS GALLERY Los Angeles - 1/7/1995 - 1/29/1995 Group Show Participation: FISH OUT OF WATER GALLERY - San Diego, 12/09/06 - MISC 'REAL WORLD' SHOWINGS 2006; 20 GICLEE REPRODUCTIONS OF MY WORK PERMANENTLY ON DISPLY AN 'Drowning In Ink Tattoos & Piercing', 103 Government Road - Unit #106, Hinton, Alberta, CANADA INTERNET SHOWS AND GALLERIES, (incomplete); The VOMITUS MAXIMUS MUSEUM - My own website. Established online 12/12/1994; (also = DEVIANT ART GALLERY ~ SATTCHI ONLINE GALLERY UK ~ MYSPACE ~ MYARTPROFILE ONLINE ~ EPILOG ~ DOG EAT DOGMA - ( GALLERY LOTION -, ( HOUSE OF PAIN ~, BOOKS and PUBLICATIONS, (incomplete); 1989: 6 PAGE 'FULL COLOR' ILLUSTRATED STORY IN HUSTLER E.V. 1996 - COVER ART - BLACK OCTOBER MAGAZINE 1998 - ILLUSTRATIONS FOR THE RE-PRINTING OF "TORTURES and TORMENTS of the CHRISTIAN MARTYRS" From the original Edition by REV. FATHER ANTONIO GALLONIO 1591 AD. Feral House publications 1989 -Now in 10th printing. (with illustrations by S Clay Wilson, Joe Coleman, Crispin Glover, Richard Rimirez, Savage Pencil, Gary Panter, JOHN WAYNE GACY ... others 1999 - ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE; ART HIGHLIGHTED IN THE STORY OF 'LALAPALOOZA' 4/2006 - COVER ART FOR SHANE STALEY'S ' CORROSION' An illustrated book of short stories, (CORROSION PRESS') 9/2006 - COVER ART FOR "DOOMSDAYS" BY JEFFREY THOMAS CD and ALBUM COVERS; SAUSAGE: DOG EAT DOGMA: WARREN AMERICA: SOULDOZER: ZENOMORPH: OPIUM FINE:

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hi sweetheART loving this new place's wonderful to meet new creative peeps lol! ;} happy hippy hugglez


You have beautiful work.

cynthia02 How is your day....... I saw your profile at and some thing about you move my intress to comminicate with you so how is life treating you. Please i want you to use this email address to write me back( so that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me ok.stay cool and enjoy your self.kisesssssssssss Yours lovely Cynthia


very nice work!

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Just stopping in for another visit. I love those Microbia. I enjoyed reading your uplifting and open bio as well. ~Marianne


oh yeah..the other artist is Vali Meyers....ex Aussie lived in Europe and USA during those 'heady' days..doesn't descibe her work but with time one begins to replec on its stories.XXXXb.


Hi and happy new year...once again I am losing myself in your painting....the descriptions are fantastic! do you know the work of Marti Klarwein or Philip Rubinov Jacobson..not that there is any similarity..just the thoughts....for me it is importnt to read the descriptions which transport one to another way of 'feeling' life....if you had a book..I would devour it everyday..not to understand it but rather myself as reflected in it... Great to visit again...great to be put into another world to bath for a while in provocative self-exploration...fantastic way to start the new YUUUU Connet!!! thank from DownUnder...blaze


Pleased to have found your page. Nice work. Regards, Bud C


My g...your work is awesome..mirror to the soul..un abashe d to say it as it is... I need not say more than you say re honest to a tee...luv my face..and yeh, art saves lives..probably many of us here...I see it in my work with much to know...thank you for your insights...your work speaks a you know of/like Marti Klarwein? will visit again..luv your 'blurb' peace..B...


your work is fantastic!!!!


What a wonderful imaginary artwork, Connett! So much to see on your paintings. Your animations are great too!


hey man, we must talk... and yes my friend, i do blelieve that art saves quote talks about that.. the love i was looking for was the heroin and because i was so lost i could only find relief in art. that is when i found myself...


Stunning work here, bravo !!!Regards, Brischit

Monyaneba ( Deleted user )

Awesome work! Love Serotonin Sea...great stuff! Arnisha


Wow wild

abstract4u ( Deleted user )

It's amazing what hits the canvas when your mind swings and your moods change. Your work is intence and well rendered. Like your animation, Mike

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Connett, great work. I just love "RED MICROBIA". It just has a good feeling to it. Enjoyed your others as well.


brilliant site!


I really enjoy your site, "HARVEST OF THE DREAMERS" is very nice and also the story behind your painting. best wishes - ranjan