Age: 48
Hometown: salinas
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BiographyEducation Xilography and Drawing and Painting studies National School of Fine Arts, Mexico City 1991-93 Woodblock Printing Native Images Studio, Santa Cruz CA 1993-95 Painting Undergraduate Program San Francisco City College S. F. CA 1997 AA Fine Arts Hartnell College. Salinas, CA 2002 AA Behavioral Science Hartnell College. Salinas, CA 2002 Bachelor of Fine Arts San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA 2003


SOLO EXHIBITIONS "Sublimidad Magica" 1992 El Sol Gallery, Mexico City. "Reminiscences and Allegories" 1993 Salinas Center LULAC, Salinas CA. “Initiation” 1999 Cultural Center at the Mexican Embassy in Santa Ana, CA. SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS "De Chile, De Dulce y De Manteca" 1992 Radio Educacion, Mexico City. "Grabado en Madera" 1992 Taller Jose Guadalupe Posada, Mexico City. "Fragmentos Del Ayer" 1992 Casa De La Cultura de la U.A. del E.M.Mexico City. "Las Guadalupanas" 1993 iglesia Tenango del Aire, Edo. de Mexico "Entre El Hechizo Del Camaleon y La Seduccion De La Luna" 1993 Galeria Santos Balmori, Mexico City. "Origins" 1994 Casa Gutierrez, Monterey, CA "Roots" 1995 Monterey Museum Of Native American Art, Monterey, CA. “World Contemporary Art—98” 1998 L.A Convention Center L.A. CA “Misfit 9” Group Exhibit 1999 Misfit 9 Gallery Santa Ana , CA “Arte Illegal/ Illegal Art” 1999 La Luz Gallery, Long Beach, CA “Images of Resilience” 1999 Mexican & Chicano Contemporary Art” National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, CA “La Mirada Humana” 2000 Galeria del Club de Periodistas de Mexico A.C. Mexico Df Mex “Latin Grami Awards” 2000 Hollywood CA “Reflexiones y Encuentros” 2001 Paulino Cobian Studio Gallery, Long Beach, CA “Exposicion de grabado” 2001 Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach CA “Virgenes” 2002 Encantada Gallery of Art, San Francisco, CA “Indigenismo” 2002 Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA “The Space within” 2003 Encantada Gallery of Art, San Francisco, CA “About Women About Men” 2004 De Colores Gallery, Pasadena, CA “El Camino de la Vida y la Muerte” 2005 Encantada Gallery of Art, San Francisco, CA “Dia de los Muertos” 2006 Encantada Gallery of Art, San Francisco, CA Mural and Public works on display “Semilla del Corazon” 1998 85’ x 14’ Acrylic on concrete, Alisal St. Salinas CA. “Horizontes” 1999 90’ x 20’ Acrylic on stucco, Wood St. Salinas CA. “Masks past and present” 2000 93’x 25’, Acrylic on canvas Alisal St. Salinas, CA. “Between Heaven and Earth” 2001 12’ x 16’ Acrylic on canvas, Community Center. Salinas, CA. “Homage to the Mariachi” 2001 13’ x 13’ tryptich, Acrylic on Canvas, Mexican Heritage Co. San Jose, CA. “Fuego Nuevo” 2002 70’ x 20’ Acrylic on stucco, El Sausal Middle School. Salinas, CA. “Dia de los Muertos” 2002 40’ x 8’ Acrylic on panel, San Francisco Art Institute. S.F. CA. “Indigenismo (Rebirth)” 2002 32’ x 8’ Acrylic on Panel, San Francisco Art Institute S.F. CA. Works in Private and Public Collections “Persuacion” 1993 Charcoal on paper Collection Balmory family Buenos Aires, Argentina “Concevida por un mal pensamiento” 1993 Xilografia Centro Cultural Jesus Romero Flores Mexico City, Mexico “Bajo de la sierra” 1996 Acrylic and oil on canvas Collection Pajaro Valley Art council Watsonville, CA “The proposition of the Angel” 1997 “The Queen of Cups” 1997 Acrylic and Oil on canvas Collection Estefan Miami, Florida “Erendira” 1999 xilography Collection UC Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA “Erendira” 1999 Xilography Collection of the MoLAA Long Beach, CA

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Welcome to the site. nice works.

cynthia02 How is your day....... I saw your profile at and some thing about you move my intress to comminicate with you so how is life treating you. Please i want you to use this email address to write me back( so that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me ok.stay cool and enjoy your self.kisesssssssssss Yours lovely cynthia


Oh! There is more but, I adore your splendid whimsy!


Great portfolio here , bravo ! Regards, Brischit

4artist ( Deleted user )

Brilliant depth in your work!


excellent art-greetings Anita !!!


Very Creative Imagination, Keep It Up!...Claude

helene ( Deleted user )

enjoyed ur work....really imaginative

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Ehxilio, Your paintings are packed with information. Very interesting and creative.

clarebear ( Deleted user )

Hey there, I understand what you mean about the definitions of many people throw any old crap together and label it art, when I don't really believe that it meant anything to them. You can always see when someone has really taken time to explore their own subconcious and imagination and tried to transmit it into the real world. I know you do that, and you do it well!


lot of contemporariness.. good work.


Hi Ehxilio! Tank you fot the kind comments! Best regards. Juliano


Hello, Arturo, I thank you for visiting my gallery and for the kind observations. I am enjoying viewing your work very much. yours colors are bold and harmonious and your concepts are unique and daring; a joy to experience. Best regards, Robbie.


Hello, your work style is amazing, I like you colour, best wishes - ranjan


Hello, Ehxilio, I hope this finds you well and doing fine. I would appreciate your viewing my new gallery on my profile 'All Hands' it contains 26 designs and I would love to hear your comments. Thank you and best wishes, Robbie.

clarebear ( Deleted user )

Hey there, thanks for remembering! I didn't hear anything so I guess I didn't win, oh well! you win some you lose some right!? How are you doing, any new work on the go? Clare x


Hi! You have amazings works! Really beautiful!


I am grateful to you for pleasant words. I very much love your art. In Google look Mihail Victorov. I live in Russia. From here it is very difficult to carry out what that projects. But we should discuss it. Mihail.

mesmariah ( Deleted user )

Great art..very luminous!