Age: 33
Hometown: Coventry
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Number of Visits: 2024
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Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Single
Smoker No
Drinker No
Education Post grad

Interests and Personality

InterestsMachines. I am incredibly interested in all sorts of mechanical things, especially the "mech-tech" aesthetics. Combining that with the internet is my personal crusade, for I am indeed a net-geek.
MusicI'm an old punk whose mellowed down a bit over the years. I've actually had my personal "history of pop-music" but backwards: I liked your usual 80s-90s pop as a kid, then as a teen listened to a lot of punk especially from the 70s like the Pistols and Buzzcocks and all that I cold get my hands on, then went to the 60s and learnt to love the Beatles and the Stones and Bowie, then dipped to the 50s for Elvis and Sinatra too. I also really like anything that involves the Roaring Twenties, like swing. Of contemporary music I like R.E.M. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Offspring (although more the things both of those groups did in the late 90s than the newer stuff), the Barenaked Ladies are absolutely brilliant, and a friend has got me interested in Mr T Experience. My all-time favourite song is Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea"
FilmsAh, so many. I love animated movies. Disney, in particular the good old stuff as well as the things they've done with Pixar - I have seen both Aladdin and Finding Nemo so many times that it is surreal. XD Hmm, Amelie and V For Vendetta are both great. Old comedy like the Marx Bros. and Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Fight Club was quite an influence too.
TelevisionThe usual sitcoms Friends, Simpsons, Will&Grace etc... Sci-fi like Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek and Stargate. Rome, Sopranos etc high-q drama. And Conan O'Brien is a passion of mine too, I just love that man
BooksI read a lot... Harpo Speaks (autobiography of Harpo Marx) is the most amazing piece of literature in the world. Well okay maybe not, but everyone should still read it. Paulo Coelho's Alchemist, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, Harry Potter of course (I haven't read book 7 so please no spoilers), One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Erewhon by Samuel Butler (because of the machine-stuffs). A more comprehensive thing in here: http://writersco.com/_bbc%20of%20iippo
HeroesHarpo Marx because he was a listener like me, and Snoopy because of the wonderful things that imagination can do to a dog house.


BA Fine Art degree show 2007. Can't remember what it was called, but I would have liked to call it "Virtuoso" so I'll pretend it was called that. :P Photos of my space can be seen in: http://elftown.com/_degree%20show%20space

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Hello, How are you today? I hope you are fine. My name is Miss Rose Desmond. I am single looking for honest and nice person. Somebody who i can make friend with. today i saw your profile at myartprofile.com and became interested in you. I don't care about your color, ethnicity, Status or Sex. Upon your reply to this mail I will tell you more about myself and send you more of my picture. I'm sending you this beautiful mail, with a wish for much happiness.this is my email (rosedesmond25real@yahoo.com) I am looking forward to hear from you.please contact me directly to my box i have more to tell u there.. Warm regards, Miss Rose.

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Welcome to Best ART Paradise iippo.

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I'm sure your art must be very interesting. Letting me know if you have any questions about uploading it. ~Marianne


If your work is as good as your image I would love to see more. Sign in and take part - we are waiting to talk to you. Margaret, Artist at Work, http://artist-at-work.co.uk


Post some art please. then I will read about who you are. Wecome to the bugshow


You saw sometime ENAMEL MOSAIC? I shall be glad it to show and hear your response. Andrey.


Welcome to MAP!


Welcome to the site! I look forward to seeing your work. Send me a message when you have uploaded some art for viewing! Best Wishes, Deborah


welcome, id like to see your work, nets


Hi, welcome to this website. Message me when you have some images uploaded. I love your heroes, I even looked into taking harp lessons when I was younger because of watching harpo playing in it in the movies, he made look so easy and loads of fun. Visit my site when you get a chance.


Hi, don't forget to email your friends about your new My Art Profile URL! Send them a link to your new page http://www.myartprofile.com/iippo.


Hello Iippo and welcome .....I'm looking forward o seeing your work !Regards, Brischit

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Welcome to the site Iippo. Please let me know when your work is uploaded, I'm looking forward to seeing it. Enjoy! ~Marianne


Hi iippo, Can I help? This is a Free Forum for people like us to communicate about our passion of Art in whatever form. We are free to promote our own websites & commissions to Art lovers around the world. This website does all the advertising so we don't have to. In addition the more contacts you make in the industry the more popular we become as Artists in turn more people will show an interest in our Public Exhibitions. Keep in touch with everyone! X