Age: 44
Hometown: London
Accepts Commissions: No
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Marital Status In a Relationship
Smoker No
Drinker Yes
Education College graduate

Interests and Personality

BiographyI was educated ten years ago at KIAD Miadstone before Pcs & Macs-the internet really took off and have spent the last seven odd years teaching myself photoshop which is my main medium now-(before that I used to do detailed coloured pencil work)
InterestsI also have a myspace page up:this has some of my poetry, more of my photoshop artwork-some of my earlier coloured pencil stuff also. Its just more of what im about...
MusicRed Hot Chilis, Imogen Heap, the Killlers,Hed Kandi Compilations,Living Colour,Faith No More,Tori Amos,Fishbone,Spearhead,Arcade Fire
FilmsShawshank Redemption,Collateral,Blade Runner,OldBoy,top Secret,Blazing Saddles,Monty Python and the Holy Grail,Mousehunt,The Haunting(1960's version) The Innocents,Brotherhood Of the Wolf
TelevisionHouse,Prison Break,Blackadder, Bo Selecta.

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Really love your latest work,Will look in on your myspace site soon.

CJ8 ( Deleted user )

God job!

Lime ( Deleted user )

Beautifil Your ART malmacar.


Hi malmacar,so awesome and cool works !!

jh ( Deleted user )

Hi malmacar, like your graphic design, great work, thanks for the add.


no worries abt the last delay... its all cool here nothing great just tryin to get things finished in work and work at home tidy up b4 xmas and all.... have not even done my xmas shopping yet.. sooo behind... hate all the shops when there is loads of people...anyway if i don't here from ya sooon r b4 the new year have a good one... all the xmas kisses and hugs,,, sharon13


merry christmas xxx sharon13


awww sorry to hear abt ur old desktop is just gathering dust... lol... G5 wicked... i want one of whose as well... just right to wait to the sales like....might just get something of it but remember its apple so might not be much lol.... yeah i have been to london a few days at a time but not for months its kinda cool in places... am from n ireland just at 35miles from belfast city in a wee small town,... nah am not on myspace but am on ( hope ur well and takin care of urself weather ere is not to cold but its stormy all the same... any way talk to ya soon shazi. :o)x


Super work, visually stunning - it just grabs you by the throat. Margaret, Artist at Work,


hi ya worries abt replying late.... hope your well....i know i had the same computer as you then i got the macbook cos the other desktop took forever to do things r just kept shutting programmes down ....doing werid stuff anyway...haha...yeah i have a tablet...(that really dose sound bad) hahaha,....i use it in illustrator great wee thing it is.......would be lost without it....have not done alot of graphics in a long while trying to get into photography more build it up a bit u get it equal to all the other stuff i have on my site....kinda get carried away on different meduims .....and forget what i should be focused hows london life anything moving over there next summer....well when i say moving i mean for a couple of months see what it has to offer in the way of jobs and so on....right am goin to stop typing r u will be reading this alnight. haha...anyway keep in touch good to see graphies on the site not many off them.... shazi :o) x


just poppin back to see somemore of your work...your cd work is u use a mac ????? and if so which one.....have you tryed the tablets....


Tahnks for the top comment. Sorry about the late'nes of this reply. I rarely do colour work at this moment. The piece I have generally done are basically just Black and White. If you want to colour any of the works I put up go ahead. Thanks.


thnx for your kind words about my work. you have some great stuff yourself.


Enjoy my videos----


I will. Thanks to you.


Nice work here,Malmacar....keep up the good work ! Brischit


As i see you make a lot of good graphics. I will exhibite in London with my wife in december 2007. Hope you will come. I ll gave the name of the gallert and the dates when it will be ready. Bye


Cool works. I really like your two hollow dark pieces.


Nice works


Nice works