mazoommzee A room hung with paintings is a room hung with thoughts.

Age: 57
Hometown: Nr. Stockbridge
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'Day Dreams'

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Marital Status Married
Smoker No
Drinker Yes
Education Grad / professional school
Children Proud parent

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BiographyMy art is a tribute, I hope, to the people we’ve met on our travels in Africa. People who have experienced bloody civil war, yet smile with a warmth that reaches the very heart of you. People who have lived under oppressive regimes, yet sing in soaring harmony. Those whose families have been desecrated during onslaughts of horrifying genocide, yet still reach out with love and forgiveness. Children whose eyes light up when given a pencil to take to their little school under the sparse shade of an acacia tree… That is why I paint. For me, it is a celebration of life and through my art I endeavour in some small way to encapsulate the essence, the spirit and the strength of the exceptional people I have been so very privileged to meet.
InterestsMany and varied. Chief amongst them travel, art, photography, books and more books.
MusicJazz, Rhythm and Blues, Classical (especially Vivaldi..he is the wind beneath my wings so to speak), Rock, all the music and sounds of Africa, some Rap, some Funk...
FilmsPulp Fiction, Paris Texas, The Comfort of Strangers, Bagdad Cafe, Beetlejuice, Death in Venice, Tsotsi, Mulholland Drive, Hotel Rwanda, American Beauty, LA Stories, Rabbit Proof Fence, A Beautiful Mind, Dead Poet's Society, Benny & Joon...
TelevisionUgh, mostly!
BooksI devour books, so too many to mention. Some of my favourite authors include Rian Malan, Andre Brink, JM Coetzee, Justin Cartwright, TC Doyle, Tim Winton, John Updike, William Styron, Philip Roth, Philip Zeigler, Peter Matthiessen, Elizabeth Jane Howard, William Boyd, Paul Theroux....and on and on...
HeroesNelson Mandela, of course. Admiral Lord Cochrane (as a seafaring soldier of fortune, he makes Nelson pale into insignificance!), Beryl Markham, Yoweri Museveni, Saba Douglas-Hamilton


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Lime ( Deleted user )

Nice,Beautiful Work mazoommzee.




Great work! Your tribute is lovely! Best Wishes, Deborah

iangordon ( Deleted user )

I was wondering if anyone throughout this site has ever received an enquiry from a buyer, gallery owner, or similar, AS A RESULT of being a member?

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Mazoommmzee, nice work. I love how you've expressed the figures. 'Sailing the Ssese Islands!'is my favorite.


I own one of your small artworks and love it, as I do all your work!


nice work,pleasing, thank you


nice work,pleasing, thank you


I love the Africa Series. Steve


your work style is amazing, what a beautiful colour, I really like your paintings, best wishes - ranjan


wow i love your paintings...


great pictures of African. You mention civil war, but your paintings are peaceful. Wonderful. Aude



KyleWood ( Deleted user )

reply to this, I need to send you a private message

hyperetic ( Deleted user )

Thank you :)


hi mazoommzee. i love your work."beach boogy"-it is wonderful. yoram lilach


oops! sorry for writing mistakes, didn't' wont to repeat twice that I have been in the war. this is the link for mozambique story


great work! in 2006 i had commission to do illustration for Unicef, story about children in Mozambique who were in the war and victim of the land mines. it was hard task to show kids who louse eye or arm or leg. I am from Croatia never been in Africa but been in the war. this is the link if you have time to have look: kind regards mayashow kids who luse eye or arm or leg. I am from Croatia and been in the war myself.


Your colorful depiction of people just being themselves lifts their images from the mundane to the sublime. Best regards, Robbie.


Your colors really are stunning.