nunpuns Nunpuns......nuns just wanna have Fun!

Age: 53
Hometown: Riverview, Florida
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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The Smoking Nun

Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Married
Smoker No
Drinker Yes
Education Self Taught
Children Proud parent

Interests and Personality

BiographyFragments of me..... Michele Edsall is a self-taught, folk artist born and raised in rural Florida. Her paintings currently hang in private collections across the US in homes of buyers with good taste and a great sense of humor. While Michele has been creating art in various forms throughout her life it was not until 2005, that she started creating Nunpuns ..... the lighthearted sometimes drinking, sometimes smoking, sometimes silly.... Sisters of Perpetual FUN! Nunpuns ..........nuns just wanna have fun! 2007....Michele's latest paintings are raw,mixed media, everything but the kitchen sink .....psyche art. Michele, her husband Mike, and three children currently reside in Riverview, Florida ~~~SEARCH KEYWORD NUNPUNS ON EBAY TO FIND MY ART FOR SALE~~~ MY NEW WEBSITE! check it out! ******* ******
Interestsart, mixed media, painting, living,
MusicI like pretty much anything. love ... Matchbox 20
Filmsanything Mystery, horror, and I like a good chick flick every now and then.
Televisionmy favorite is The Sopranos
BooksAny book about art. Love Stephen King
Heroesmy Grandmother, FRANK WHIPPLE, Dorothy Parker


April 4th, 2007 ~ The Wine Exchange, Tampa Florida

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thanx so much for making me your friend ^__^ your amazing!!


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!


Merry Christmas and a wonderful happy new year!


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I love your work.Very original stuff.

Ted ( Deleted user )

Hi Michelle..Love your work!! ted


I am going to tell you a story of Painter. H e lives in a small apartment very Spartan. Piles of paintings. Even his studies were fun. But he loved the role of the aging Irish artist. Good man. We have the best Irish in the world hear in America, I still say the Indians were here first. Nice people too. I am very proud to be an American. Funny I also think of us as a colony. I have been looking at all your paintings and the talent is the entire spectrum of mediums. It is a pleasure to be amongst your. I am honored to be amongst you. There are imaiges here I am envious that that I did not create them and I love them. My Irish buddy in Cincinnati had 4,000 paintings removed from stretchers and was friends with a nun. Every room was piles of paintings.. Was accused of hit and run on the way to his house but that is a whole other story. That is story of Painter. In some gallery I have here. All sleep well. TOX


Susuie, one of the friends listed at your site, is ill. A get well letter would do her heart good and cheer her up a bit. L John TOX


thank you for unpretensious art that made me smile. Margaret, Artist at Work,


Nice style and very unique concepts.


pride put a smile on my face, well done nets


Enjoy my videos:

iangordon ( Deleted user )

I was wondering if anyone throughout this site has ever received an enquiry from a buyer, gallery owner, or similar?


WONDERFUL ........DELIGHTFUL iMAGES. Made me smile....BLADE.


Hi Michele , I really enjoyed looking at your portfolio .....and your nun paintnigs are so amazing and uplifting ...just love them !!!Keep up the good work !!!

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Michele your work is wonderful. It is nice to look at a piece and laugh. Great job.


forms and colour are well knit, good paintings


hi, I just adore your nun paintings, they make me smile. Dianne


hi the nuns,i like 2 see some on swings lol


Hi Michele, how have you been? BTW, pls do check on this exciting site & share it w/ your family & friends:

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