parrisart lookin for love on 125th and lenox i found art.....

Age: 68
Hometown: philadelphia
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ahh the gossip that goes on between these girls

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Biographygoogle parris stancell for info..
Interestsall things positive..
Musicworld, reggae, blues, jazz..
Filmspath to glory, on the waterfront, house of sand..rockers..countryman...platoon.. of god
Booksart books..find it hard to read fiction, non fiction, everything is political..
Heroessierra leone refuggee allstars... tinariwen...thomas maphomo..fela...chuck d...mandella...bob papa, me moma...the list is loooonnng..

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Hi Parris, I left you a long msg on your board..all about Bali etc. Maybe you didn't get it? Thought about you much this week...and you mailed. Have also email you but never know if you receive or not. Always lots to tell to you about but know you have not been 'around'. WIll talk later and try your other email. Hope you are firing on all cylinders!!!!! even though things are too....but speak later. Cold here sitting in front of the fire on Saturday...should paint but doing computer work instead. Love hearing you and would love to hear what you working on at the moment. Heart always holding good thoughts for you and yours. Stay well and creative! XXXb.


Hi you! How you doing! Great to hear your voice......Me neither....MAP that is..... Not in Bali. Our lives were threatened and we had to leave. Long story and Very sad cos had to walk away from a business and a house. I did email you when i returned to OZ. Have been herein Jan Juc since licking our wounds. I have had a big project running to raise awareness of bear bile farming in Asia. Had a gig in Melbourne for Animals Asia which went incredibly well. Raised heaps of money for an education centre at the rescue facility in Vietnam. Went there last year as I told you. This week on the move again, relocating to wine growing country in the hope to find some small 'art trail' here in Victoria. Been challenging year but heaps of new opening I hope. Had to change my way of seeing life but what the heck its all a construct anyway.Hope you are well and happy and that life is getting back to normal. USA has had a hard time and I am sure ours is yet to come. I do email you but don't hear from you so probably have wrong emil.Talking with you long time now so like to keep you in the loop from 'downunder'. WIll get back to the States one day when things turn around. Keep smiling and inspiring the world with your extraordinarily soulful art. You da man! Hugs...Xb.


hey, yeah, it' been a while.. i don't come around that much anymore.. how are things in bali?


heh Parris. Where you been...miss speaking...hope all peaceful in your world and your art. What are you working on? Let me know when you are back ......smiles from downunder as always.b.


thought of you today - world cup 2010 opened here yesterday ... and tragically, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela suffered another tragedy - losing his 13 year old great granddaughter in a car accident after the opening 'jol' at Soccer City Soweto ... the prophet said our joys are our sorrows unmasked, but this man deserves only joy after the sorrow he's seen ... love and light vaun


Hi P...miss ya..KEEP THOSE BEAUTIFUL WORKS COMIN......left you a pm. smiles from downunderXXb.


Heh man! Miss ya....yuuuu always in my thoughts. Happy least that is nurture for the soul in hard times...and music of course...XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


hey !! i just uploaded few art works on my site. your comments will be appreciated for the Thanx in anticipation. Yellowleaves


beautiful works!!


thanks indeed parissart ... just looked at more in your gallery than I first saw - I dream of working that big, and I work on my dreams .. first of all peace and love now and everywhere ... just about used up all my wall space and now gone small on mountboard and into cards to spread the message - signs of radiance everywhere. Feels good to know another sees some of my world... love and light and keep that colour flowing like music


powerful works I find here - after seeing your message on the page of an old friend sheree I told about this site, and finally got a chance to see what she'd shared! Opened on the mural for healing and music ... inspired hugely by music (and silence - and the gaps in between) in my life, heart and art ... just made an artwork 'Spirit dances' of a painting emerging through my hands on screen inspired by an improvisational cellist and spirited performer Francois !HAMan Le roux. the colours and character in your works are awesome ... and inspiring. God bless


Ma main man !!! how u been sir !!!compliments of the great season feels good to be alive how are ur kids doing?? pls stay in touch


Hey Parris Parris, thinking of u a lot lately, it took me two years to notice ur message. U are in my heart too... always.


Great powerful works you have here Parris, thks for stopping by my page,was in Philly in 2005 ,did the phila art expo at the Liacoras centre.


hi and thanks for the nice comment! I work for radiation therapy for cancer patients, we give radiation treatments and some of the patients receive chemotherapy at the same time so it's very hard on some of them.


Hiya Parris, So great to hear from you. I don't get here very often these days. Want to know more about how it is 'there' for you...have mailed anyway. We seem to be chugging on same ol same ol! Think of you often as I listen to Playing For Change! How awesome is that music! Cheeck your mail! Hugs and smiles from DownUnder...b.


Hi Parris...good to see you again...thanks for the words...will keep in touch. check your smilin really! luv ya ....


Really beautiful and powerful work.


Heh yuuuu parrisart...yeah tis clean air and dull living here downunder! so it gets hot in philly? Not failiar withthat part of the country. The congesstion is really part of why I moved down here to live beside the ocean. Last night on a wintery evening at 7 pm I was on the beach, full moon...the sky and ocean were black but the moon lit up the waves as they sauntered over the frozen sand...magical is all I can say...the air was cold and clean as my breath hung in suspended animation....images always come very clearly to me on the beach at least here we are safe to walk alone which is a blessing....hope to see some pics of your new for now take care of yourself as well as your always thinking of you and your different it is...mmmmm.....till later and no apologies for my other ramblings!!!!! ........smiles and peace from that land downunder.


Hi ya gain!!! always heart stopping to hear your voice...another email awaits.....yes pretty cold down here...always try to 'accept' what is but in the morning my body feeels otherwise...we seem to have days on end without sun and I guess I feel s.a.d. ,,,Bin painting the last few days and am thrown back into a world of being that makes my heart sing...this little busyness we havee seems to take me away from the presence of the creative soul. It is a portal for folk to come our way but my 'spoilt' inner being just wants to paint.....and protect wildlife......glad to hear you are adorning the city with your lean on consciousness....on this path I know no other who touches hearts like you always parris you light p my world with creative joy...thanks and smiles from's this new MAP alert to 'you've got mail!"