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BiographyBorn 1960 in Utrecht, Netherlands. Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Royal Academy for Art and Design, Den Bosch, Netherlands Specialized in painting. 1982-1987----> webportfolio:


Peter Heij, born in Utrecht in 1960, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He attended the Royal Academy for Art and Design (AKV | St. Joost) at Den Bosch from 1982 to 1987, specialising in painting. During his academic period, he produced works in numerous styles including figurative, expressionistic, and abstract. He continued primarily in realism, practiced from his youth and enriched with his academy experiences. The themes and subjects of some of these post-academy paintings deal with people and the impact of their surroundings on their identities, particularly in the Figures (Gestalten) series. Others endeavour to reconstruct landscapes of the past (the Lostland paintings) or attempt to capture the shapes of the ephemeral (the Skyscapes). A more recent group of works reveals the traces made on a landscape by its inhabitants (Santa Fe footpaths). Created in the same period as the New Mexico group, Peter executed a collection of sketches of faces from memory (Faces). The experience of new and changed insights and awareness through elevation above and distance from everyday reality, never completely losing sight of that reality, stands central in his work. Peter Heij has regularly exhibited both in the Netherlands and abroad. Solo exhibitions took place at Gallery Stam, Amsterdam, with an overview of the Lostland series (2008), and at Gallery Acculade, Amsterdam IJburg, where the comparision between older and recent work contrasting the themes of the inner and outer worlds (2008). The series Figures/Gestalten was shown at the Sint Antoniesbreestraat (a street exhibition) as a commission from the art commission of Wijkcentrum d’ Oude Stadt (city of Amsterdam Centre) (2005). Group exhibitions took place at LekArt 2012, theme; ‘InsideOut’, Culemborg, Gallery ‘S’, theme; ‘contrasts’, Amsterdam (2011), at the University of Pennsylvania, Fox Gallery, Graduate Humanities Forum, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. with the theme; ‘In the Beginning, Exploring Origins in Contemporary Art’ (painting Lost Land IX) (2008), at Castle Nyenrode/Gallery Peter Leen, Breukelen/Gemeentehuis Maarsen (2007) and at 8Q Mondial Global Exhibition; ‘Show Your Hope’, Fnd. 80 Questions (travelling since 2007). He has made travels significant to artistic development to the U.S.A. (2003/2009/2011, et. al.), Italy (since 1973, last 2010), Vietnam (2001), Sri Lanka (1999), Thailand (1995/1996), and Indonesia (1994 and 1997). Education 1982 – 1987 Royal Academy for Art and Design (akv | St Joost), Den Bosch. Specialized in painting. Solo exhibitions (selection) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Open Studios Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam. 2008 Gallery Stam, Amsterdam. Gallery Acculade, Amsterdam IJburg. 2007 Open Studios Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam. 2005 Wijkcentrum d’Oude Stadt, project ‘Figures in the Sint Antoniesbreestraat’, Amsterdam. Gallery Acculade, Amsterdam IJburg. 2001 de Baak Art Gallery, Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Group exhibitions (selection) 2012 Cheapart Amsterdam. LekArt 2012, theme ‘Insideout’, Culemborg, The Netherlands. Alan Barnes Fine Art, exhibition ‘Atelier 2012′, Dallas, Texas, USA. Gallery Stam, Amsterdam. 2011 Gallery Stam, Amsterdam. Gallery ‘S’, exhibition ‘Contrasts’, Amsterdam. 2009, 2010 Gallery Stam, Amsterdam. Open Studios Nieuwmarkt, central exhibition. 2008 Hotel Gallery Pulitzer, Amsterdam. Gallery Stam, Amsterdam. University of Pennsylvania, Fox Gallery, Graduate Humanities Forum, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.; ‘In the Beginning, Exploring Origins in Contemporary Art’. 2007 Gallery Peter Leen/Castle Nyenrode, Breukelen, Townhall Maarssen, The Netherlands. Open Studios Nieuwmarkt, central exhibitions at Chiellerie and Pintohuis, Amsterdam. 8Q Mondial Global Exhibition Show Your Hope, Fnd. 80 Questions. 2006, 2007 M.I.A.D. Venado Tuerto 2006 International Exhibition of digital art, Sante Fe, Argentina. 2006 Gallery Acculade, Amsterdam IJburg. 2005 Gallery Peter Leen, Breukelen, The Netherlands. 2004 Holland Art Fair, The Hague, The Netherlands-Gallery De Opsteker (Amsterdam). 2003 Lineart art fair, Gent, Belgium-Gallery De Opsteker (Amsterdam). Allegany Arts Council-Saville Gallery, Will’s Creek Survey, Cumberland, Maryland, U.S.A. 2002, 2003 Holland Art Fair, The Hague, The Netherlands-Gallery De Opsteker (Amsterdam). 1999 Gallery Ploos van Amstel, Summer-and Autumn Exhibitions, Amsterdam. 1998, 1999 Institute for Religian Sciences, State University Groningen, The Netherlands; ‘Eternal Vulnerable. Modern Art and Religion’. Feb/Mar 1999 Museum Abtei Kamp, Kamp-Lintfort, Düsseldorf, Germany. Jan/Oct 1998 Faculty for Religian Science, State University-Museum Gerardus van de Leeuw, Groningen. Museum voor Religian Art, Uden, The Netherlands. Museum Begijncourtchurch, Saint-Truiden, Belgium. Public Collections R.O.C. Amsterdam, Municipality of Amsterdam, SBK. Publications (selection) 2009, 2008 Kunstgids/Art Guide Amsterdam; Edition 2009, pg. 114. Edition 2008, pg. 127. 2008 University of Pennsylvania, Fox Gallery, Graduate Humanities Forum, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.; ‘In the Beginning, Exploring Origins in Contemporary Art’; Catalog. 2007 The Uitkrant, Amsterdams Uitburo; Open Studios Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, with pict. ‘Figures III’. The William and Mary Review-The College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A.), pict. ‘Reclining Amsterdam’. 2005 De Echo, (newspaper Amsterdam); project ‘Figures in the Sint Antoniesbreestraat’, Amsterdam, pict. ‘Gestalten III’. 2004 Kunstbeeld (art magazine), edition Nov.; Pict. ‘David in Amsterdam’, about Holland Art Fair. 2003 Cumberland Times (newspaper Maryland, U.S.A.); Exhibition Will’s Creek Survey, Allegany Arts Councel’s Saville Gallery, pict. ‘Skyscape I’. 1999 De Gay Krant (monthly newspaper), edition 390/July; Review with Gallery Ploos van Amstel (pict. ‘Looking for God’). 1998 Fier (magazine), editions March/April and Nov./Dec.; Critics and review by A. Westra (pict. ‘Looking for God’) and follow up by E. Maeckelberghe. Eindhovens Dagblad (newspaper Netherlands); Review Mary Winters; ‘Eternal Vulnerable. Modern art and religion’, exhibition State University Groningen, Netherlands. Friesch Dagblad (newspaper Netherlands); Review/interview Grada Kos; Eternal Vulnerable. Modern art and religion, exhibition State University Groningen, Netherlands. Catalog; ‘Eternal Vulnerable. Modern art and religion’. Exhibition State University Groningen, Neth., pg. 84, pict. ‘Looking for God’ with text by Dr. David Bos.

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Hello, Peter, thank you for visiting my galleries and for your kind words. Best wishes, Robbie.


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Hi Peter! Thanks for the compliment! I saw your works and they are very nice! I love the skies,very mesmerizing.


Hello, Peter Heij, I think your viewpoint is unique and you technique peerless. Your gallery is a real joy to view. Best regards, Robbie.