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Age: 63
Hometown: Deland,FL.a-duh
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

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bam booze dragon

Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Divorced
Smoker No
Drinker Yes
Education Self Taught
Children Proud parent

Interests and Personality

BiographyHello I'm Eddie Deran Sargent I was born in Huntington W.V.My Dad was a Marine and fought in Korea.He returned unscaved to marry his high-school sweety,Mom.I have always had a interest in creating things.From an early age I felt intrigued by the visual stimulis around me.I found myself drawing,My first color experience would be oil paint doing landscapes,barns and structures in surrounding South Carolina.Classes would include Ceramics,sculpture and jewelry design.Automotive painting and refinishing. Airbrush, Sandblasting, Engraving, Chemical etch and electro-plating metal and wax forms
InterestsHoning my artistic skills.Tattoos, Tattoo flash,Draw 101 ACEO hearts ,Photography,Carved reliefs and paper mache new tools,old school mentality. MORE AWARDS.. Others just ask?
MusicAll methods of sounds. Paul Oakenfold.John Digweed.Paul Van-Dyk.Pete Tong.Sandra Collins.more
FilmsAeon flux,the animated series Trippin the Rift.Most all sci-fi.Any Anime.
Television>>>>. Places to visit. ebsqart.imagekind.cafepress.unitedcreators.e-bay.fineartamerica.
HeroesWalter And Edna Ramsey..William E."Bill"+Shirley L.Sargent w/50 Years of marriage..,Denny "Buck",Aleaha R.,Jenna P.,Caleb T., SARGENT Family Past,Present and Future...Christ,Santa Claus,Easter Bunny,Cupid,Saint Patrick,Pilgrams.Indians.Cowboys.Yankees.Confederates.Army.Navy.Airforce.Marines.Oh Yeah....


Fulton Street Gallery. Troy NY.USA. Seven Sins/Seven Virtues. Juried Show .Nov 7th through Dec 15th 2007. Entry Titled "Big Gunz A Blazen".33rd Annual International Minature Art Show January 20th through Febuary 10th 2008. Gulf Coast Museum of Art. Largo Fl(3 mag bronze sculptures accepted.One taking first place new entering Artist award.Nude Nite Orlando,FL,USA Feb 14th-16th 2008.accepted work"Cheez Pleez"See for details.

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hey bro hows tricks.. been really busy this weekend done my best work as yet, although its unfinished i think you will appreciate it.. mike


hey how are you! ^__^ i would really appreciate if you would check out my new artworks "nemesis" and "demon hunter" thanx a bunch!


wow man did you make those silver pendants? their awesome bro and well done on that 1st place i never win nowt lol


yeah i know its really slow to get through lol jap warriors is not fin yet its a full chest piece im working on with the full japenese sunset n clouds the guy im working on has about three 2 hr sittingsso watch this space it will kick ass when its done lol


hey bro how you keeping, ive got a couple of paintings to get on with but to be honest the tattooing has gone crazy. im doin it full time at the mo and im totally mobile, people seem to prefer the comfort of their own homes and its less intimidating than some studios... ive been reading alot on machne tuning its helped so much, when your guns running at the right speed the ink flies in lol peace bro chat soon. Mike oh are you on facebook ed? if so how can i add you as a freind ? cheers


Susuie, one of the friends listed at your site, is ill. A get well letter would do her heart good and cheer her up a bit. We live in a world that does not apriciate art. We must care for eachother. L John TOX


How in the hell do you get so much work done? Your a genius.


What a range of work - I particularly like the murals. Margaret, Artist at Work,


Hello Eddie, I am really impressed with your work especialy your jewelry, keep up the fantastic work.


cheers bro hope alls well across the pond, the tatts are goin crazy at the mo lol still so much to learn im only just gettin the hang of usein mags what a difference on shade tecniques lol... peace Mike


Hiya! thanks for adding me as a friend! ^_^


There feels an Indian influence somewhere in your art , the colours and composition , beautiful k


You style is extraordinary.


Hi just to let you know ive added a few more images to my page now and re-jigged my galleries a bit..look forward to hearing your comments..tra for now..sarah brain


Hi Eddie, love your jewelry and your underwater sculpture especially.


Thankyou Interesting profile pic you have...


hey Ed, thanks for the comment. u got some good tats there man, im also into tattooing, been doin it about a year now its a great artform.


Hey, wouldn't mind one (small fish, top of right foot) but can't afford the plane ticket. I'd probably chicken out anyway.

Ysr ( Deleted user )

Hey You!!!!!!!!!!!lol! no not lately, behav'n yourself? oh heck why bother asking that he he! have a good week!! YU


Hi Ed, your jewellry is pretty damn funky! What I don't get about the tats is (and excuse me for sounding thick), are these your designs, or your photo collection of other peoples tats, or are you the tatooist? Enlighten me!

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