sbaraci Only from pain and misery beauty is born...

Age: 12
Hometown: Melbourne
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Despair: Consequences

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BiographyI believe that art is an expression of emotion, and through my work I try to capture the range of emotions, and experiences one goes through in life. I attempt to draw my inspirations from my experiences, my memories, nature and people around me, and to transfer those through the medium into a piece of art. I also believe that the true beauty comes from pain, despair, from our lowest, things that we find when we sink deep within our selves make us create. No true art has been created out of pure joy, happiness makes us stay in limbo without any wishes, desires or wants, a friend of mine said that the art is expression of the regrets and I will have to agree with him. Sandra is member of Contemporary Art Society, Victoria, Australia More artwork of Sandra Andrijasevic Baraci, as well as more detailed biography can be found at


Art Shows in 2005: 7-21st of Febryary 2005 Collectors Exhibition; 4-6th of March 2005 Strathdon Community Art Show; 11-13th of November 2005 Arts Festival 2005 @ St. Francis Xavier; 3-4 of December 2005 Art at Burnley Harbour; Art Shows in 2006: April 2006 Strathdon Community Art Show; May 2006 Collectors Exhibition; July-September 2006 Images of Home, Makarska Croatia (solo show); December 2006, Art At Burnley Harbour; Artshows in 2007: March 2007 "Contemporary By Nature", Melbourne, Australia;

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Really deep and meaning full images, they leave you deep in thought. Thank you for showing your work.


I will not tell you "nice work" nor will I say "good work." These hackneyed words just make me feel sick. Each of your drawings deserves a great and distinct description for the depth they have and for the feelings they unbury inside me.


Captivating...stay creative

Lime ( Deleted user )

Your work is Beauty and Wonderful Sbaraci/Lime


i love your honesty and you are full of talent and creativity..


I came back for a visit and really like "Despair: Heart Please Be Still"!! An excellent piece! Steve


Great work, I love your trees and despair series. A real talent. Margaret, Artist at Work,


Just beautiful work here....I really enjoyed browsing through your wonderful portfolio. Bravo, regards Brischit


you look so young but your works are of older people! Thank you, nice painting


Despair: Consequences is one of my favourite, you are a talented artist, I really enjoy your site, best wishes - ranjan

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

You have definately captured "expression of emotion" in your work. Very intereresting pieces with great deapth and meaning. Great job.


Hi, welcome to this website. Everyone is helpful and friendly. Powerful images! Visit my site when you get a chance.


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


Greetings - beautiful work indeed...




Sbarci, I think your paintings are beautifully done, wonderfully tragic. Lenka

KyleWood ( Deleted user )

powerfuly dramatic!


very special images, thanx for sharing it! berst wishes dakini


S.Your images are intense I feel the angst within .fab stuff.eds


Great Work sbaraci !!!