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Biographyhi friends....wel to say not an artist...frm childhood im intrestd in drawin n a dentist :).....drawing is my hobby...:)

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May This New Year Brings All The Crazy Colors And Fun In You Life.. Happy New Year Sri !!!


Thanks for your Friendship Sri, nice works !!!

PRESLOVE ( Deleted user )

Likewise.. thank you very much:)


Chinna Payya! Naan Ashok nagar.Sri?You will make a cute dentist!


your work is really nice... loved the alone 2... good luck with dentistry!


thank you :)


hi nice work.


Thank you for adding me. have a good creative day!!


Hello, Sri, I sent you a private message w/ my email and also sent you an email.


Happy New Year to you Sri! Great to see your smiling face.

Lylium ( Deleted user )

love the hand series you've done, great imagination


Hello Sri, I love your 'alone 2' drawing. I have a painting of nearly the same pose but viewed from behind, called 'going fetal'. It is a great pose and you have drawn it well! I will take a snap of mine when I get home. Now in San Francisco on my way to Portland, Oregon. Thought I would go on 'tour' to avoid any hurricane evacuations. Turns out it was a blessed quiet year for North America. Glad you are drawing through your studies!


Oh! Good Luck with the hand AND your 2nd year of studies. Sounds like life was crazy in Chennai on Friday with tsunami rumors. On edge a bit here during hurricane season but, it has been all peaceful so far. Hope all you have to do is deal with rumors!


New Magnolia painting up


MAP is failing us, alas. No worry, you have but 3? more years to go? No worry, be yourself and all is well.


sent a private message just to see if it works, let me know.


Hi Sri.Really nice work,especially the hands really well drawn.Good luck with your studies,England is still short of dentists.


Oh, I am glad you are, indeed, still here. I have been sewing and writing more than painting of late. On Sundays, my 10 year old protege comes over to paint. He is an incredibly talented bundle of energy, too easily distracted but, gee! he is only 10! We are painting a Magnolia blossom today and he is so quick and true with his drawing, helping me to leave 'thinking' behind and just get to work! Hope you are drawing etc., always good for mental health. Wish you could join us with the Magnolia!


Oh dear, you are showing up as a 'deleted user' on my private message page. Glad this is not so but, you may want to alert the site. Happy to hear you survived your studies, congratulations!


thankyou for comments you have given i have new work up now.