sumsum Many sleep in the rain, but I'm awake in the storm

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Hometown: Bristol
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Biography*SORRY - I will not be updating this portfolio in future nor log into this profile (I deleted most of my major artwork). You can contact me via email, [] Or visit:[] [] Many thanks for looking.


Swansea Institute Final Year Degree Show (Illustration BA Hons), 15-19 May 2007, at the Grand Theatre in Swansea, Wales, UK: exhibiting 3 projects. NewDesigners 2007, Illustration & Animation section, 11-15 July 2007, at the Business Design Centre in London: exhibiting 3 works.

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CJ8 ( Deleted user )

Great Works. Peace


excellent artwork sumsum

Lime ( Deleted user )

Your Work is Wonderful Sumsum/Lime

jh ( Deleted user )

Thank you sumsum, excellent work.


Came across your page while exploring the wonderful art on this website. Very nice work. Regards, Bud C


Susuie, one of the friends listed at your site, is ill. A get well letter would do her heart good and cheer her up a bit. We live in a world that does not apriciate art. We must care for eachother. So leave a post on he board if you have time. L John TOX

theo ( Deleted user )

Hi your entire collection,beautiful colors and especially like your horse,great detail...theo


you go, girl, mame sumsum!

clarebear ( Deleted user )

Hey there, I just checked out your design at naked and angry, I really like it! I've left you a message there, Sorry for the delayed response to yur message, I've been unplugged for a while, getting my head down in my workshop! best wishes Clare x


I got the sword from a website. I also got a pair of sai. The company is Blades UK Ltd and can be found at This particular sword is a copy of the one used by Morpheus in the second Matrix film.


nice illustration

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Thank you for your suggestions and well wishes. Your input is of great value. So, have you posted anything new lately or are you working on any projects? ~Marianne

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi! Listen, I have about 6 months to prepare for my first solo show, and I was hoping you could assist me. I will need to have at least 30 paintings to display. If you could, with as much honesty as possible, please name 2 of my completed pieces that you feel I should definitely show. Also, please share 3 things with me, based on my current work, (remember be honest), that you would recommend to me for improving my art in general. I am fine if you post this on my public board because it may be interesting to others. The feedback from other artist on this website is very valuable to me. Thanks! ~Marianne


Hi Sumsum. Hope your o.k. Im going to Greece on Sunday. Speak soon. Love Lela.


thanks... though I have to say your zodiac works are a hell of a lot darker... I really like them


You are truly amazing....thank you for adding me and visiting my gallery and my granddaughters gallery as well


Hi Ms SumSum just had a quick look at your work and IMHO very impressive I will have a more closer look in the days ahead Regards Ron

ArteKaos ( Deleted user )

Hello.. Great Style!

4artist ( Deleted user )

Love your cute charaters.