tsukicho To know that yesterday is my history & I must rise against all odds and move on

Age: 27
Hometown: las vegas
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BiographyOK instead of rambling on I'm going to make it quite frank my sisters and I grew up in California and were known as the weird obnoxious children.It's not a title to be soo proud of but that's what we were labeled as by the "normal" "cool" people, define normal we say.We took our differences and made them art and beauty were still rough of course but our lovely and talented grandmother has helped us along the way, to unleash ourselves and make it art.So we thank you Grandma Paula M. Patton-Ross and also our loving mother who sheds her support upon us in whatever we do no matter how crazy it is.XoXo
InterestsPainting,reading,dancing,playing music and writing whenever we can find something to create.
MusicROCK,ROCK,ROCK,ROCK,Classical,Japanese Pop,punk pop, pop, and some moreRRRROOOOOCCCCKKKKKKK!!!and Nettys band ICP blahh...Ya Fall Out Boy and yay rock and heavy metal-shemmy btw-
FilmsEvening-shemmy,Nightmare on elm street-netty Bratzand carebears-gabby CAREBEAR POWER!!!!!!!YEAHHHH...!!!
TelevisionNaruto Saiyuki reload any Japanese anime-all Girls Next Door-shemmy Ninja warrior X play
BooksAll and any book by Phyllis A. Whitney; she opens up the mind to imagination and of of course all mystical novels. Janet Evanovich is also really cool to read.
HeroesWhat are heroes but that of people who pride themselves as well as others?So, instead we have people and things that inspire us.For instance, nature, what we have left of it inspires me and makes me feel at ease with myself, our parent and grandparents but most importantly is GOD!He is a savior as well as an inspirer

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Lime ( Deleted user )

Nice ART Work Tsukicho.

jh ( Deleted user )

Thank you tsukicho; great creations.




Hi Tsukicho, thanks for the nice words. It really isn't my best work, I had no lights in the studio that day. Marlena(Narnar)


Hi Tsukicho. I like the tomato you have, it made me smile. Your avatar is super. Please visit my new gallery, "Jewels in Silk". I'd like your opinion. Marlena (Narnar)


I love your quirky and exciting art...and yes, the insane tomato phenomenom!! Cool!!


I still have tears streaming down my face after reading your note and your profile - even some of the comments from your new found friends....You ALL did a marvelous job! To say I'm proud is nothing that compares with the way I feel. In truth, the difference between experiencing 'happiness' and 'joy' has great contrast at this moment and by choice; I choose JOY. Keep in contact with ALL your new friends once you've added your galleries. Take your time...You both remember the words of your art teacher that summer in Hemet: There are no mistakes in art. Just let your spirit guide you and keep a keen eye. Boy I can't wait for your Paw-Paw to get home...he's gonna be so thrilled! I will 'add' you to my various other pages, so others can visit your site. BTW - cool name *two thumbs up!* Uncle ChazJaz wishes you all 'Good Fortune'! He should arrive shortly to be added as another friend.


Hey everyone I'm glad that you guys stopped to check us out we are still getting started here and all of you guy's are making it so that we do finish we thank you so we guess we'll see ya later.Arivadurchi!I hope it's spelled right.....peace


You saw sometime ENAMEL MOSAIC? I shall be glad it to show and hear your response. Andrey.


Hey Welcome! can wait to see some art here!


Hi, don't forget to email your friends about your new My Art Profile URL! Send them a link to your new page http://www.myartprofile.com/tsukicho.




Hi Tsukicho! Welcome to the site! Best regards.


hi.. and welcome




Hello tsukicho, it will be interesting to see what images you will be posting!Lenke


Hi, welcome to this website. Everyone is helpful and friendly. Nice quote!! Message me when you have some images uploaded. Visit my site when you get a chance.


Hi! Welcome to the site! Please let me know when you have posted some of your art! Best Wishes, Deborah


Hello and welcome to this site, best wishes - ranjan


Hello, Tsukicho. Welcome here. Please send a public message to me when I can view your work. Best regards, Robbie.